Friday 25 November 2011

More about Me

My name is Charlene, I have lived in South London for 18 of my 20+ years on this planet, I am a university student, who studies International Tourism Management, it sounds fancier than it is. I love everything pink, cute and hello kitty, I even have a hello kitty tattoo on my ankle! 

I love to travel and I've been to many amazing countries and travel across a few continents already, including America, Caribbean, Africa & Europe but my favourites are always my 'girls holidays'. I've been to Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Magaluf, Kos and we shall see where I end up next. I am looking travel the world before I am 25, 30 at a push. 

If my friends had to use one/two word replies to explain me they would be: Party-animal, bubbly, outspoken, outgoing, loving, friendly, giggly and crazy. 

Why did I start my blog?
I started my blog because I wanted to vent, it wasn't made for people to read it was there for me to write and get over my depression, it was under a different name and no one knew about it but me, until I started to get the odd reader from random countries. 

I've blogged on and off for the last four years, mainly off then the last 8 months I've been rather active on my blog and try to make sure I write at least once a week.

My Header
You may be wondering what the reason is behind my header. I'll explain - I have a rainbow because I celebrate gay pride, I love Hello Kitty, make-up and alcohol, I love to travel and I study travel at university and Ive always wanted a Chanel handbag. That is my header in a nutshell, nothing fancy really but it's all my loves in one place.     
My auntie and I

As I am a student and I do love my freebies and discounts, if I lived in America you would see me on 'Extreme couponer' but unfortunately England isn't like America and it is rare to get a decent voucher, but I find them! I've got loads of freebies even my holiday to Ibiza was free. (Thank you club-18-30) I love make-up and other beauty products as I am a qualified beautician. I may be a qualified beautician but I am terrible with nails, I enjoy waxing, trying out make-up and massage. 

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