Friday 1 January 2016

12 reasons to love your body and size

Four different sizes, races and body types.... All beautiful!
Unfortunately we are a generation built on knocking each other down and hating our bodies, it's like everyone is seeking perfection but doesn't know where to find it, and when they think they have they suddenly find something else to 'work on'. Truth be told you're already perfect, in your own way, you shouldn't allow anyone to tell you otherwise. That scar and them stretch marks you have are your war wounds, them legs you don't love look pretty damn sexy to me and them bingo wings you're crying over, shake them like no one is watching! Instead of hating yourself, doing every fad diet that doesn't work (the only thing you lose is money) why not learn to love your amazing body just the way it is? 
If you're a size 000, 36 or 5XL you're body is beautiful, you are beautiful and nothing can change that. 

You should love your body and size because... 

1. You are beautiful just the way you are - Me
Whatever size you are, if you're a 000 or a 36 or you have a toned tummy or a 'mummy tummy' you're absolutely beautiful just the way you are. Every mark, scar and stretch mark on your body is your very own war wound and shows what you've been through. You're perfect. 

2. There is no 'perfect body' - Me
People often think about the 'perfect body' but really who sets this standard of perfect? What is perfect for me, isn't necessarily your perfect and my 'perfect' sure as hell isn't the medias version of perfection!! I'm pretty happy in my own little world, knowing that what others call my flaws make me, me. With this being said there clearly isn't a 'perfect body' so why set your self goals to be someone's perfect?

3. You only get one body - Budget Bubbles & Daisy Says
You only get one body, you might as well love it - how has hating it worked out for you so far?  
I bet you've not got far hating your body, so what's the point in resenting it? Whatever you look like you need to love this body, you're not getting a new one! Of course you can work at it to make yourself feel better but ultimately you only get one and it's pretty damn amazing already!(Me)

4. Loving yourself  is healthy - Mafambani 
If you love your body, you're also healthy. There are millions of messages sent to the body every minute and with the message love your body stays younger, fit & healthy.

5. It's a new year - Me
It's a new year, why not start the year out right and love your body and size, I know I have. I woke up this morning, a little hungover, make up in places it shouldn't be. I jumped up and looked in the mirror and said "You look beautiful today Charlene".

6. Someone else wants your body - Me
You may not want to believe it but there is someone out there who wants your body, faults and all. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has looked at someone and gone "I wish I looked like that" well there will be someone out there that says that about you. It could be the way your smile lights up the room, it could be your confidence, it could be how curvy you are or it could just be how long and toned your legs are... Whatever it is someone else wants it so cherish it! 

7. Your body cares about you - the sea is my cup of tea
There are billions of cells in your body and all they care about is YOU ! I like to think it's only fair to return the favor and making sure my body is getting the nutrients it needs and deserves!

8. Your body can achieve incredible things - Busy Little Fee
It keeps you alive. Your legs might not be perfect in your eyes, yet they help you move freely from place to place. Bellies adapt to carry children. Your arms hold your loved ones.

9. Food is so yummy - Me
Food tastes so great, why would you starve your body of all the amazing things just because you want that the body you see in the media. Eat what you like, drink what you like and unless you can't eat it for health reasons (such as allergies) go ahead and have it! It's totally worth it.

10. Only your opinion matters - me
Why listen to what anyone else has to say about your body? Do they have to walk around it in daily? NO! You do, so don't listen to anything they have to say. There will always be that one person who has too much to say about you and your life but they're likely to just be sharing their own insecurities with you so they feel better about themselves. As long as you're happy that's all that matters.

11. Loving yourself helps you love others - MissKathryn's Miss Takes
If you put the love into your body, it's then doubled in the love you send out to everyone else!  
I love this because I didn't think about it, how can you be a kind person when you're not kind to yourself? This can also be 'love the skin you're in and so will others'. 

12. It already looks and feels amazing - Wannabe Princess
Your body achieves so much, so why would I hate it? I've no reason to! 
I love Debz, she is part of the reason I've gained so much confidence. She is amazing at self love and has run self love and body positive campaigns such as "#WeAreTheThey'. She has also won 'Best Achievement' award at the Plus Size Awards for all her hard work. 

So here you go, 12 reasons to love that awesome body of yours! You also may remember my '5 benefits of being curvy/plus-size' post, it was a pretty big hit for me and really got me thinking about my body and how much I need to love it, why not check it out?

What do you think of these? Is there any more reasons you can think of as to why you should love your body? 


  1. This is so motivational, just what I needed to read today , thank you! :-) I particularly like number 6. will keep that in mind for sure when I feel low.

  2. I absolutely love this post! It is inspiring, and so very true. My resolutions are to improve what I already have/am not change me and these will help reinforce that. Love them, and love you!

    Secretplussizegoddess xx

  3. I love your positivity :) I need to remember these reasons as sometimes I focus on what the media thinks is the ideal image of a female body. We only get one body and we should love what we have! I love it!

  4. Such a wonderful and positive post, just what it is needed! xx

  5. What a great idea for a post! You're spot on - we only get one and it works pretty hard for us! We owe our bodies some love!

  6. Truly inspiring this post is. I've bookmarked it to revert to on a day i really need to hear these words (usually a lot!) Thank you x

  7. What a great post, I love reading posts like these especially at the start of the year as it helps combat all the negative messages telling you your body is not good enough. Spot on

  8. Great positive posts. I love my body because I'm learning to pole dance and every lesson I'm impressed at how my body can move.

  9. So motivational, such a wonderful post to start the year!! Happy new year to you :)

  10. Aw hun this is lovely I have very poor self esteem and am very self-conscious of my body because people have been nasty about it before. But I have to learn to love my own before others can see it for the imperfect beauty that it is x

  11. Fabulous post honey, great to have something uplifting today xxx

  12. I chuckled at the thought of shaking my bingo wings as though no one is watching :)

  13. The greatest love of all is loving yourself. Great post.

  14. This post is truly uplifting and inspirational! This is really lovely. Have a fantastic 2016 x

  15. I love everything about this post. I think becoming more body positive is something everyone should aspire to! xo

  16. Excellent post! This is something to reflect on as I learn to love myself just that little bit more.

  17. Great post, I really admire all the plus size ladies out there who are truly happy with themselves. I am however not so happy with myself at the moment after gaining another 3,5 stones in the last year and this year I want to change something about it.

    Happy New Year!