Saturday 2 January 2016

Sixteen Goals For 2016

Can you believe it is 2016 already!? I sure can't! I feel like last year went so fast but it feels great to look at the new year and wonder what is has to offer me. The beautiful Busy Little Fee had a great ideas to have a '16 in 16' post which includes 16 goals we'd like to achieve in 2016. I couldn't wait to join in as I had already made 6 resolutions and I know if I don't tell people about them I won't end up sticking to them. 

1. Get to 1,000 Instagram followers
I currently have little under 800 followers on Instagram and I'd love to have over 1000. I've been trying so hard to take better quality pictures and post more, hopefully in time it will pay off. You can check out my Instagram and follow me here.

2. Get to 5,000 Twitter followers
I currently have 4000 followers on Twitter, although they're all 'real' they're not very active these days. I'd love to get some active follows from other bloggers and readers. You can check out my Twitter and follow me here.

3. Get over 40 comments on one blog post
I'd love to get over 40 meaningful comments on a post, some of my blog posts I work so hard on so I'd love to see the hard work pay off.

4. Blog three times a week
I try to blog every other day but it didn't really work out for me last year. I get so busy with university and work that I lose the motivation to post. My work load is slowing down this year and hopefully I can post two or three times a week. 

5. Meet more bloggers
I've met so many lovely ladies since I started blogging, but I am the worst for meeting up again and seeing people. I'd love to make some real blogging friends.

6. 52 Week Money Challenge
I started the 52 week money challenge {view it here}. The challenge gives you 52 weeks to save money and at the end of it you have nearly £1,400 I am so excited about this challenge because I really need to save, it means I enter 2017 with money. The first thing I'll do is book myself a holiday! With £1,400 I can book flights to travel around Asia.

7. Graduate from university with a 2:1
I know many would love to graduate with a 1st class honors degree but I know that isn't really reachable for me, my second year of university saw me finish with a 2:1. I've not got any grades for this year but I know I'm still on a pretty solid 2:1.

8. Try different styles
I love fashion, it's pretty clear from my blog, but my biggest issue is I always stay within my comfort zone and if I leave my comfort zone I'm still pretty close to what I feel comfortable in.

9. Go back to America
I've already booked two weeks off work in July, hopefully I'll make it back to America. I'd love to do a coast to coast trip but if not I'll be happy to hand out in California for two weeks. I'd drive around and spend a few days in each city.

10. Make friends
I have a handful of amazing, super close friend who I love dearly but I'd love to branch out and meet new people. You can never have too many friends.

11. Read more
Reading more has always been a goal of mine, the only books I read these days are university text books and they bore me so much they've put me off other books. I'd love to read a book a month or at least a book every two months. This won't sound like a lot to bookworms but I feel like I don't have enough time to read as much as I'd like too.  

12. Get fitter
Although I'm pretty happy with my body and size I'd love to be fitter, I hate that I get so out of breath over silly things like walking up a few flights of stairs. I want to feel fitter.

13. Join in Twitter chats
I always ready the Twitter chats but I never join in, I really want to start joining in, doing so will allow me to meet other bloggers as well as gaining new followers.

14. Get a new car
Back in August I got my little princess Layla, she is my world and I love my car but I can't wait to upgrade.

15. Find a real job in the tourism industry
As much as I love the girls I work with and my store it isn't enough any more, retail work really isn't for me. Once I graduate I need to make my way into the industry and find a tourism related job. 

16. Get new lenses 
I really want new lenses for my camera so I can take different pictures. I need a 50mm for my blogging shots and I really want a fish eye lens for my camera and/or my iPhone. 

You can read some of the other girls 16 goals in 2016 posts:

What are your goals for 2016?


  1. I love that you have a mixture of personal and blogging goals that you want to achieve this year. I hope you succeed in everything you have set out to do.

  2. I'm sure you will smash all your 2016 goals! I also graduated with a 2:1 and it can get you just as far as a 1st can, good luck for the future! :)

  3. Great to read other peoples goals for the year! I've done a blog schedule to help me blog more regularly! good luck for 2016 and graduating uni lovely xx

  4. What a great selection of goals! I hoping to go back to America this year. Good luck with them all.


  5. I just created my Insta account finally (yeah, I know, I was probably only person in the world not on Insta)!!! Meeting lot more ppl via Insta, Twitter & Blog is always in my goals!!! Happy New Year..
    Fashion Panache, My Travelogue

  6. Good luck with all your goals, especially Uni!
    Building my Instagram following is one of my goals too! xx

  7. Excellent blog and life goals hun, happy belated New Year also.

    Hugs Elyse |

  8. Love your goals! Good luck I hope you achieve everything you've set out to in 2016!

  9. Fish eye is on my "wish list" too. I wish I could make it a goal to buy one but I need a macro lens first :-(