Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Part 1

After seeing an amazing deal on Wowcher my friend & I decided to go to Ripley's Believe It or Not! in London. I go past it all the time and I've always wanted to go as I didn't get to go when I was in Orland, Florida but with it normally being £50 for two people it was never really that high on the list of places to go. We were lucky enough to pay £22.95 for fast track tickets so £11.48 each. 
Massive rocking chair. Apparently it was used to advertise.

 I was actually like a child at Christmas and honestly couldn't wait to get there. We arrived around 2:40pm, we got our tickets and got in the lift to the 5th floor where you start off (you work your way back down) We went through a few rooms, some amazing things but I was a little dishearten. I guess when you hype something up to yourself you can be disappointed with the outcome if it doesn't meet your expectations. Just as I was really starting to enjoy it it all went wrong. 
We were at 'The Dungeon' and there was a gate with the title "believe it or not this gate opens" after about a minute of pretty much attacking the gate trying to open it an alarm started to go off, it made us jump a bit and we honestly thought we set the alarm off by trying to open the gate, thinking we shouldn't have been touching it. We carried on walking until I could smell burning and looked over the balcony to see everyone leaving, it turns out it was the fire alarm! I was a little shocked that there were no staff members to tell us where to exit and even tell us it was a fire alarm, it just sounded like any alarm you'd hear at a museum if you touched part of the display and you're not allowed. We walked down the fire exit which was about 5 floors and we kept getting lost as it wasn't amazingly displayed as to were to go, I spoke to a member of staff and she signed our tickets to be able to go back a different day. It's a shame that I had been waiting so long to go there for something like this to happen. 
Overall the part of the exhibition I did see I did enjoy and I can't wait to go back and see the rest. Hopefully they honor our tickets and I don't have to complain, I guess I'll keep you posted on what happens. 

Here are a few pictures from the day. 

12  Miles of yarn - A full size Ferrari made entirely of wool
Michelle Obama made from bottle caps
Made with match sticks!
New beau
MJ made out of sweets
Not the most flattering picture
Beatles on Beatles

'ugly' lady

Have you been to Ripley's before?
To be continued...
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Friday, 16 January 2015

3 reasons I love London

There are many cities that have captured my heart in my 21 years of life but to me nothing can compare to London. I've lived in London for 21 years now (my whole life) and I think it is safe to say no two days have been the same. 

Three reasons I love London!

1. The diversity
Gay Pride 2013
London is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and I am very proud to call it home. I don't think you could go to another city and see so many different people. Around every corner there is something new that I've not seen before, from restaurants to art work. You can never see the whole of London, there is always something new happening. London also has a wide range of restaurants from different countries, it doesn't matter where in the world you are from if you're craving something from your hometown you can find it somewhere in London.
 I love the fact it can be 6am in the morning and I'll see someone in a tiger onesie or at Gay Pride and see a man in a tutu or fairy costume. I feel like in London you can be whoever you want to be, wear whatever you want to wear and no one will truly judge you.

2. The attractions
View from my hospital bed! London Eye
I am lucky enough to live 15 minutes in car away from The London Eye and Big Ben. But with the London Underground you can always be roughly 20 - 30 minutes away from so many iconic attractions, it can be said that the London Underground is an attraction in itself. There are so many amazing parks in London from St James' Park to Primrose Hill, you're never too far from some greenery where you can sit down and take in the beautiful views.
We also have amazing markets like Borough, Portobello, Camden and Spitalfields. Most of the museums in London are FREE. My favourite attraction in London is The Shard, I can see it from my window and it is currently the tallest building in the EU! There isn't many places in the world that have such an amazing building that is someone's home, a hotel, a restaurant and an attraction that allow you to see around the whole of the city.

3. Christmas
Mulled wine with amaretto - Winter Wonderland 2014
Christmas time is amazing in London, from Hyde Park Winter Wonderland to the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. Londoners are known for being moody, don't speak to us on our morning commute to work but at Christmas you can feel happiness in the air. Everyone is a little less moody and we truly soak in the Christmas spirit. The beautiful Christmas lights down Oxford Street and the amazing window displays are must sees at Christmas. Christmas also means Somerset House open up the ice rink and everything seems a little more magical. And of course my two favourite things about Christmas in London are the free London Underground on NYE to make sure everyone gets home safely and Boxing Day sales. You never know where do go shopping because you're spoilt for choice.

I can honestly say I love London, I doubt I'll ever want to leave. We may have high living prices, extremely busy underground and awful weather but London, to me, is the best city in the world!
Dancers 2014
Carnival 2013
View from Greenwich
View from Greenwich
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Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 - Bring on the new year

Happy New Year!

I am fully welcoming 2015 with open arms, 2014 has to have been the best year of my life and hopefully 2015 will get better. I got a new job, saw Annie Mac live, worked at V Festival for the 2nd year running, turned 21, traveled around Europe with friends and family as well as passing my first year at university. 

My highlights
I'd have to say the biggest highlights was traveling. I was lucky enough to go to Cardiff and Birmingham twice with my friend, I had previously been with my family but it was nice to explore with friends and make lasting memories. I was also lucky enough to travel to Greece (Kos), Turkey (Bodrum), Spain (Magaluf), Tunisia (Port El Kantaoui), Morocco (Agadir) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam).  

Other than traveling the other biggest highlight for me was finally turning 21. It means I am legal across the world. I've been to America 3 times but now I can fully enjoy it with a few cheeky cocktails. I've been wanting to travel back to America, redo Florida and Miami and I'd love to start a road trip in Los Angeles, on to Las Vegas, then do Route 66 & end the road trip in New York. I've been looking it up, it will cost a bit but it is totally worth it. 
Now I am 21 I can also adopt a child, hold an airline pilot license, get a license to drive a heavy goods vehicle and supervise a learner driver

New Year's resolutions
I normally try to not have New Year's resolutions as I find it hard to stick to targets but as last year was an amazing year for me and I made so many of my goals come true I want to keep it going. This year I have 5 goals they are:
1. Get fit, lose weight
2. Travel across Europe more
3. Finish university with at least a 2:1
4. Earn more money, or get a promotion
5. Blog more and improve my skills

Happy New Year, how you have an amazing year.
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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Clothes Show Live 2014

I was in my element
Back at the start of December three friends and I went to the Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham as we had decided to have a pre-birthday celebration for one of the girls 21st birthday. 

Everything £3 or two for £5
Although we didn't have a very long time at the Clothes Show I had an amazing time. We had been out drinking the night before on Broad Street, and although we wasn't hungover we had no motivation to leave the hotel room. We ended up getting dressed and leaving around 3:30, unknowingly that it would take 45 minutes from our hotel in a cab and that the Clothes Show closed dead on 6. Our show was at 5:30 meaning we didn't have much time to shop.

Shoes galore
 As soon as we got there we pretty much split up as we were in such a rush to see everything as quick as possible. I made sure I checked out Models Own, Barry M, a £3 for everything or two for £5 stall and the Kardashian make-up range. I picked up a super cute necklace which I wore that night and three Models Own varnishes which come with a copy of Heat magazine and nail art. I was also lucky enough to find a free copy of Cosmopolitan which came with free mascara. 
I love beauty and clothes shows because you get so many amazing deals you couldn't find elsewhere. Make-up sets that can cost £100 RRP you can find for £20.

We also had our very own photoshoot with my DSLR. 

I wasn't really there for the fashion show, although I love fashion I've never really been a fan of fashion shows with all the weird styles that you think 'how do normal, everyday people wear this during everyday life?' but I really enjoyed it. There were so many items I'd love to have and there was loads of eye candy.

Did you attend the Clothes Show Live? 
I'd love to read your post about it.
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