Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Morocco day 7

Day Seven

I got home this morning and it was such a long day yesterday. We woke up around 9:30am and had a shower and got ready, I was still ill which took me longer to finish packing we had to leave the room for 11am. After checking out and leaving our luggage in the luggage room I went to get my hair done which cost me 80dh (£7.28) mum & I then had some lunch before walking around town looking for some last minute gifts and handbags. Mum ended up getting herself a bag and I still had 200dh left. I was going to waste it on a Chloé bag I didn't really want but I'm glad I never. We then when back and sunbathed for a little while before our transfer came at 5pm. We got to the airport and was super hunger so with my last 200dh (£14.55) I picked up a kebab, chips and three drinks for mum and I. 

The flight was awful, loads of turbulence as we went over France. It was so bad I even read the safety booklet as I was sat at the emergency exit door. I tried to sleep through it as we had less than an hour to go but it honest did scare me.  
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Morocco days 5 & 6

Day Five

I was so ill this day it was unreal. I woke up around 10am and couldn’t leave the hotel room due to food poisoning, Ive didn’t think I had eaten enough to bring so much up. I’m not sure what it was that I had eaten because the day before I had everything to same as my mum apart from some orange juice which was bottle from the supermarket next to the hotel. It is always me that gets ill on a holiday though. Eventhough I was super ill I had to eat and mum dragged me to McDonalds for a burger. I got a cajun chicken burger. After McDonalds I came back to the room and didn’t want to move but it was so hot I had to go out so I decided to sunbathe at the pool I stayed there for about three hours but paid for it when I got back to the room, I had a fever my whole body was weak and it was like I had sun stroke but I knew I didn’t beach I had made sure I had my face covered and kept well hydrated. I ended up going to bed at 9:15pm and had a lovely 12 hours sleep! 

Day Six

After sleeping for 12 hours I had a shower and felt so fresh like yesterday never happened I had a little tummy ache but put that down to the fact the last thing I ate was about 20 hours before. We decide to go to Inezgane because we had read there was a nice Moroccan market. We wasn’t even there an hour, the market was dirty and turned my stomach again. We decide to eat something as it had now been over 24 hours with me not eating after having a ham burger and chips from a local café we decided to go back on the petit train for a chilled day and the whole ride just made me feel worse like I had travel sickness. After the train we walked around the beach and some of the small souks before I had to go back to the hotel, considering I hadn’t eaten in so long again a lot came up. I didn’t want it to ruin my day again so we went back out and done some more shopping before getting back to the hotel around 6:15pm and having a tagine dinner. 

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Morocco day 3 & 4

Day three

Today has been so busy! We woke up pretty early and headed towards the beach to catch the ‘petit train’. The petit train takes you on a 40 minute ride around Agadir to show you all the sites. The trip is really cute but sort of puts into prospective how little there is in Agadir. There really isn’t much to do here. Agadir is the place to come if you want to sit at the beach all day or take a day trip to Marrakech/Casablanca.

After the petit train we went to the zoo (Vallee des Oiseaux) after reading reviews on Trip Advisor I really wasn’t looking forward to going but it was pretty fun. It is totally free to go so I couldn’t moan there and I knew it wouldn’t be London Zoo but there really wasn’t anything wrong with the place. Other than the smell but what do you expect for a zoo? After the zoo we went to the beach before heading back to the hotel where I had a shower and got ready for my ‘birthday’ meal in a Indian/Pakistani restaurant.

Day Four

 Today I woke up late and went for breakfast and had a chicken panini and chips at a local restaurant, after eating mum and I went to the souk where I picked up a little gift for all my friends at university as well as looking for a new handbag or purse. I wasn’t feeling 100% with all the different smells. I never took any pictures today so here are some of previous days.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Morocco day 1 & 2

I pretty much kept this holiday a secret but as part of my 21st birthday present my mum said she'd take me back to Morocco. So here I am two weeks after my 21st back in Morocco. Last time we stayed in Marrakesh but this time we decided to be near a beach and therefore staying in Agadir which is about 3 hours south west of Marrakesh. I wasn't a massive fan of Marrakesh as it really took me out of my comfort zone but already I am loving Agadir, I could honestly say it doesn't even feel like it is the same country as Marrakesh. It is so much more friendlier, cleaner and more scenic. 
Day One
Day one was spent traveling, we left our home at 9:20am and got the delayed 10:57am train from London Bridge to Gatwick South where we were an hour early for check in. Mum had a coffee while I tired to use up the last of my 4G before my contract rolled over to the next month and it would be wasted. After hanging around we went down to speedy boarding (EasyJet) and checked in before going through security. I had to take my laptop out my bag which was annoying and the queue took forever after getting through it was time for duty free, which is always my favourite part of leaving the EU. I picked up two bottles of champagne, a mini bottle of Cîroc, Benefit's they're real liner and an OPI varnish which I forgot to pick up last time I was at the airport. With two bottles of water added it come to a grand total of £87 but totally worth it! I then went to Nandos which recently opened at the South Terminal where I only paid £1 for it as I had been saving up my loyalty card for the past year.

The flight was 3 1/2 hours and honestly didn't even feel that long, I read part of my new book 'The Gift of Darkness' which is pretty good I also listened to music and washed the world go by, quite literally. Once we landed we boarded our mini bus and had about a 30 minute drive to the hotel which is beautiful! I don't have pictures just yet but I'll make sure I'll post them soon. We arrived about 8:30 rushed to the room so we could make it for dinner. After diner we went for a long walk attempting to find the beach but fail. After going to the beach today I'm not 100% sure how we didn't spot it, we are so near! After the walk we saw some of the hotel entertainment and went to bed we were totally tired and needed it. 
Day Two
We woke up at 8:30am this morning, which was far too early for my liking after washing and getting ready we were down for breakfast at 9:15. I wish I hadn't bothered. I love the hotel but their breakfast is just awful, it is eggs, eggs or eggs. I say that you only have one option, scrabbled eggs and when I moaned I got offered fried eggs or an omelet, none of which I wanted. I ended up going out for breakfast to a local cafe not that it was amazing but only cost me 25dh (£1.82) so I can't complain I then went and got my hair done for 100dh (£7.29) after getting my hair done we jumped in a taxi to the beach where to walked along the shops before having a coffee and a milkshake it was about 12:30 now and the sun was starting to come out so we walked across the beautiful beach before looking in a souk where I got myself a "Michael Kors" bag for 110dh (£8.10) I am now back at the hotel writing my university assignment and this blog post. Wishing dinner would hurry up because I am now hungry again. 

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

 Happy 21st birthday to me!
I am currently spending my birthday in Birmingham with a few friends so I'll have loads of pictures to come!
17 years later and I'm still scary spice xD

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

youBEAUTY discovery box

I recently spotted on Facebook a promotion to get a free youBeauty discovery box. I've always wanted to try the monthly beauty boxes and this was the perfect time to do so. With YouBeauty you pick two samples for your box and you get a few freebies thrown in. I picked the Mavala Mavadry Manicure Time-Save Fast Drying Nail Polish Finish & the Eyeko 2 Hydrogel Eye Patch Sachets. I was lucky to get a Hello Fresh £25 gift voucher, Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Plumping Whip, two Crabtree & Evelyn teas and a powder puff. 

I'm so excited and happy with this box, I can't wait to test everything out and I'll post a few reviews once I get the chance. 

Did you get this months box? What did you get in yours?
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Friday, 12 September 2014


Oh no! I've done it again. I've gone and bought five pairs of shoes in the space of two days! I have an excuse though, it is my birthday at the end of the month and I need some heels for a beautiful (Red Lace Waffle Dress)I bought from Dorothy Perkins.

The first pair (Black Chunky Cross Strap Heels) I got from New Look online and I ordered them in store, I am yet to pick them up but whilst on a shopping trip I spotted them and picked up a bigger size and they fitted really well.
Black Chunky Cross Strap Heels

My 2nd and 3rd pairs are also from New Look. The first pair (Wide Fit Black Cut Out Chunky Peep Toe Heel) cost £27.99. Even though I am a size 5.5 I had to buy a size 7 in these but I love them so much!
Wide Fit Black Cut Out Chunky Peep Toe Heel

The 3rd pair were in the sale for only £17, they are totally adorable and I can't wait to wear them, they are perfect for work and uni. Unfortunately I can't find them online to give you a link but I found them in the Stratford store. 

My 4th pair I got from a market stall for only £4 and they are apparently Boohoo. I love these the most but unfortunately they are too tight! I will try my hardest to make these fit. 

Have you gone on a shopping spree recently? 
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review: My 2nd Mr Nutcase iPhone case

I got my first Mr Nutcase iPhone case back in February of this year and didn't have enough good things to say about the company so the moment I knew I was getting my new iPhone I just had to get a new personalised case to go with it. I couldn't wait to share my new case with you all. 
 My old phone case is still in an amazing condition considering how much I abuse my phone and it is a shame I can no longer use it.  
You can see my original post here and my update post here.
I stuck with the same theme as last year and picked all my favourite memories and pictures. I kept five of the same pictures in the same position because I loved them the most. 

Left to right: Ax Paris Blogger Event, my 20th birthday, on the plane to Ibiza, Camber Sands, Ax Paris blogger event, Kos, a random night out & Amsterdam. 
Out with the old in with the new
Old case
Order Date: 30/01/2014 at 17:52:58 Shipped Date: 31/01/2014 at 12:52

Delivery Date: 01/02/2014 at 12:32  
New case
Order Date: 09/08/2014 at 17:37:10 Shipped Date: 13/08/2014 at 13:05:40

Delivery Date: 15/08/2014 at 09:30

It took a little longer than before for my iPhone case to come but after speaking to a Twitter representative I was reassured it had been sent and doing it over the weekend takes a little longer than normal. 

Once again I am amazed at the quality of the case and already had so much compliments about it. I'll make sure I update you in a few months to see if the quality is still there.
You can find MrNutcase on Facebook, AppStore & Twitter.
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Update on my leg

On my last post about my holiday I only touched on the fact I got glass in my leg, I didn’t explain how…
The hotel in Magaluf that I stayed in is a club 18-30s hotel, meaning everyone is young, drunk pretty much all the time and there to have fun. As you can see from the picture about there are stairs leading to the hotel and people’s rooms/balconies look onto these stairs, daily you’d see or unfortunately feel condom bombs, balloons and more coming over the balconies and hitting you as you walk up/down the stairs to the hotel. I had just been to the local shop after a beautiful day at the beach and I had bought a bottle of Rosé wine. I was carrying the wine whist looking up to make sure I could dodge anything coming my way but I missed the step and tripped, smashing the rosé bottle and a big bit of glass ended up in my leg. I started to panic and didn’t know if I should take the glass out or not, there was lots of blood and my friend just pulled it out my leg and took me up to the hotel room on the 8th floor with blood following me behind.
Day one - I got it to stop bleeding enough to take a picture
I had to put a plaster over a cut and a bandage around the main cut to try and stop the bleeding, it was bleeding for about 12 hours, if not longer before slowing down enough for me to take a bandage off and have a plaster on it, but in them 12 hours I got a really bad tan line :( 
The main cut looks small but the glass was rather long, I wasn't even sure if we got the whole thing out, but after an x-ray it confirmed there was no glass in my leg.
Covered up
My leg is healing really well now and I wanted to show everyone the progress. I got the glass in my leg on the 13th July 2014 and two weeks later (27th July) it is really looking better. I am hoping that by Christmas it is healed completely so I can get my tattoo touched up a little.
Today - Sunday 27th July

Looks a little weird

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