Thursday, 27 August 2015


You might have seen from my many tweets and Instagram pictures that today I went to ASOS' Curve range Fit Day at ASOS headquarters in Camden. I was so honoured to be picked to go and I'll be posting about it very soon but for now I wanted to show you what I wore. 

So I've got to be honest, I totally forgot to take some official OOTD pictures but as I really wanted to show what I wore and give you a sneak preview before my post I had to use pictures from the day, which were talking on the famous ASOS catwalk which you see online.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Holiday Preparation Plan: Reykjavik

With three weeks to go until I'm jetting off to Reykjavik, Iceland I've already started my pre-holiday preparation. I'm not always organised with everyday life but I'm always super organised with travel. I liked to make sure everything is in check from about a month before I fly so I have enough time to sort anything out. I do the checks again weekly to make sure nothing pops up and if it does I've still got enough time to fix it or somehow deal with it.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

OOTD: Sunny Saturday

I wish the weather would make up it's mind! It's been on and off the last week or so in London, it's gone from raining to super hot like I'm back in Cyprus. Today has highs of 29c so I decided to dress for the occasion. I'm off out with one of my closest friends today so I didn't want to feel uncomfortable and leggings are always my go-to when it comes to ultimate comfort. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

6 Blogging Myths

Following on from my '6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging' and '6 Things I've Learnt While Blogging' I decided to follow up with a post on Blogging Myths. Blogging can be a strange new world to come and I wanted to put aside some myths about blogging. There are so many rumours that say what makes a blog good or bad that aren't necessarily true!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bucket list: 4 - Get a car

 I'm one excited little girl right now, remember when you were younger and on Christmas you'd get butterflies with all the excitement, not want to sleep and want to stay up all night to play with all the amazing things Santa gave you? I'm like that right now! Part of my bucket list was to get a car before my 22nd birthday... I'VE GOT ONE!

Monday, 10 August 2015

HOLI ONE Colour Festival

On Saturday the girls and I attended HOLI ONE Colour Festival at Wembley Stadium, I've never been to a colour festival so I was super excited to be going! Holi Festival originates from Inida and is often known as the festival of colour or festival of love, during the festivities people throw coloured powder to celebrate good overcoming evil. 

We turned up a little on the tipsy side after going for a bite to eat and drink and picked up our 5 powders that came with the tickets. We arrived to everyone telling us we were too white and pouring colour over us. People were adding water to their powder so the powder turnt to a paint and actually stuck to you (as you can see from our picture below)

We never stayed for too long as it got a little boring so we went to the local supermarket, picked up drink and munchies and sat on the grass talking, listening to music and chillin.

Overall we had a great day but we could have been in our local park and had the same great day, I was lucky we got our tickets from Wowcher as some people paid £30+ for the same ticket as us which would have been a total waste of money! 
Have you ever been to a colour festival before or would you attend one?

Thursday, 6 August 2015

60 Blog Post Ideas

When you're lacking passion for blogging or just in a writers block it can be hard to think of ideas to write about. I got writers block often when I'm super busy with work and university, I struggle to schedule posts or think of what to write about next that will keep your readers engaged while you come up with some new cutting-edge ideas. With this being said I thought I'd share a list of blog posts ideas that could help you when you're struggling or super busy.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

6 Things I've Learnt While Blogging

After my recent post '6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging' I decided it would make sense to have a '6 Things I've Learnt While Blogging' post. I've been blogging on and off for about five years now, I didn't really take it very seriously for the first three years and the past two years I've started to enjoy blogging more and more as the days pass by.

1. Past content can be embarrassing: When you've been around for a while you can often be embarrassed at how poor your content was when you first started. Admittedly this could be just me because I didn't start my blog for it to be a blog I started it as an online diary to vent my feelings so when I look back at past posts I often cringe and want to rewrite it.

2. Bloggers are influential: I think in the last 12 - 18 months bloggers have finally started to get taken seriously, brands understand bloggers worth and as such have started to respect us a little more. Sometimes brands and companies like to be cheeky and offer silly amounts for reviews but as you'll see in number 3, you're a business, don't just take money for the sake of it, you have bills to pay and you need to know your worth.

3. Blogging is a business: You need to see yourself as a business owner, what you write is your business and your blog is your brand. If you're getting paid in gifts, vouchers or cash it needs to be declared to HMRC, you're running a business here and if you don't declare yourself as self-employed you can land yourself in big ****! As I also said before, you need to know your worth and accept decent prices for your content, gifts and vouchers don't pay the bills and put food on the table.

4. You need a niche: I'm not saying you have to stick to a niche but it's best to have something solid throughout your blogs, it's great to have readers guessing what you'll post about next but if you have one main niche you'll get more loyal readers. I blog about everything from travel and beauty to fashion and lifestyle but I'd say the main theme throughout my blog is beauty. 

5. Social media is your best friend: You really can't live without it, I'd say 70% of my views come from social media and that is mainly Facebook and Twitter. I couldn't live without it. Sharing every post you write will help you gain new readers, I find having an automated tweet go out everytime I blog is a real help and using different hashtags on Twitter really does help. I always use #bbloggers, #fbloggers, #psbloggers, #lbloggers & #tbloggers. (Beauty, Fashion, Plus-Size, Lifestyle & Travel). These hashtags are used by so many bloggers to connect and meet new people.

6. You make friends for life: I've met so many amazing ladies while blogging and it makes me come out of my comfort zone and speak with new girls daily, via Twitter and Facebook. I often get starstruck at events when I see bloggers that I have bookmarked and been reading their blogs for a while. 

Have you learnt anything while blogging that you'd like to share?

Sunday, 2 August 2015

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Blogging comes with its ups and downs and with millions of blogs out there and 100s more created daily I wanted to give some advice on 6 things I wish I knew before I started blogging and maybe it can persuade someone to start blogging or help someone so they think twice before jumping in at the deep end. 

1. Content is key: It doesn't matter if you blog once a week or 7 times a week if your content isn't relevant no one will read it. I blog for myself and don't really care what is on trend, I always say write what you like and like what you write but sometimes you need to write about what's on trend to bring some new readers in. Once they've seen a trend post they'll often stay to see more.  

2. You need to be passionate: If you're not passionate about what you write you won't want to write. It's easier said than done, I've often lost passion with my blog and it sometimes feels like a university assignment thinking of something to write about but when you sit back, relax and think of something you love the words just flow from your fingers.

3. You need to be mobile friendly: Most of my readers use their mobile, as such it is important to be mobile friendly. Have you ever tried to do online shopping or read something on your phone and the website isn't mobile friendly? It's annoying right? Well it's the same for reading blogs.

4. You won't be famous overnight: If you're thinking that all bloggers grow to success overnight and it's easy to get millions of followers you're sadly wrong. It just doesn't happen like that, of course for some they gain followers easier but it's all about content, social media sharing and networking, all of which take time. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, it will take time and you'll see the followers and readers grow.

5. Blogging costs money: This is sort of attached to number 4. Many believe as soon as you start blogging you'll be rakin' in the cash and 100s of companies will want you to be the face of their brand, well guess what... Blogging really isn't like that. You need to spend money to make money. Depending on where you blog (i.e Blogger/Wordpress) you need to pay for - your domain name/web hosting, theme (optional), image storage and advertising (optional).

6. There are so many rules: There are so many written and unwritten rules surrounding blogging. From follow and no-follow links to ASA and copyright regulations. Did you know that it is against Google's rules to use a follow link to a company that have paid you or gifted you an item? I didn't know that at first. I've had so many companies ask me to change links as Google have told them off for essentially paying for advertising and not declaring the fact they paid for the advertising. 

Is there anything you wish you knew before you started blogging?

Friday, 31 July 2015

MAC: What's New Ruby Woo?

It isn't hidden from you guys that I adore MAC as a brand, and after a friend bought me Russian Red a few years ago I've not bought any other brand of lipstick. 
Yesterday I had a little trip to Oxford Street and no trip to Oxford Street is complete withing popping in to the MAC store, as always it was busy but I knew what I wanted. I wanted a matte Ruby Woo lipstick. The reason I decided to jump ship from my beloved Russian Red and get Ruby Woo is because so many friends swear by it! Everyone says to me that Ruby Woo is more vibrant and once I've tried it I'll never go back to Russian Red. 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

How to survive 10 days of drinking and partying

Since the age of 17 I've been going on girls holiday. At 17 I went to Ayia Napa, 18 & 19 I went to Ibiza, at 20 I went to Magaluf and Kos and at 21 I went back to Ayia Napa. My holidays have normally been a week but in Ayia Napa I went for two weeks the first time and 10 days the last time. During my girls holidays I drink more than a years worth of alcohol and dance until my feet won't let me dance anymore! With a few years experience under my belt I thought I'd give some advice and tips on how to survive 10 days of hardcore partying and drinking daily. I never get hangovers while I'm abroad because I always stick to my tips and trust me I do drink a lot.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Post Holiday Blues: Ayia Napa, Cyprus

I've been back from Ayia Napa in Cyprus a whole week now and I'm really feeling down and missing the party lifestyle. I've been working everyday since I got home I actually had work just hours after landing back at Gatwick airport and tomorrow is my first day off but I've been neglecting my blog and I had to make sure I spent at least an hour doing some blog maintenance and writing a post for you all. 

My 10 day holiday was far too much fun and so much much happened that I couldn't write a post about everything that happened but I'm going to list you a few of my highlights of the holiday. 

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