Wednesday 1 June 2016

Five Amazing Ways to Enhance Your Personal Style

If you're anything like me your look or personal style is very important to you. Getting it right and feeling like yourself is essential, even when you're making changes. I've played around with my personal styles for many years now and I finally feel like I've found the real me! Check out the suggestions below to see whether they'll fit in with your original style.


Firstly piercings, okay they are not for everyone. They are usually associated with alternative or rock and roll scenes, but can be so pretty. There are lots of different places to pierce. You can choose from ears, face, and body or a combination of them all. In your ears, you can go for the lobes, tragus, and upper ear. If you want an extreme look, you could try a stretcher. If you love the look of pierced ears, but don't want the permanent effects try some clip ons, like this upper ear clip on* I tried. Facially you might experiment with lip, nose or eyebrow piercings. One of this summer's big trends is the nose bullring, which is a clip on piece, no permanent holes to worry about here. 


Makeup is part of most women's morning routine, and the latest fashion is contouring and highlighting. This is when makeup is used to add shade and light giving a more structured look. Light power or cream is applied to the areas which you want to enhance and darker powder or cream to the areas which you would like to minimise. Remember, if you are going to try this lookout, blending is essential. 

Contact lenses 
Contact lenses are a great way of changing your look in a non permanent way. With a range of coloured contact lenses available, you can choose a colour that fits your hairstyle, outfit or even just your mood. Make sure you know how to insert and remove them properly. Keep your hands clean during the process and you should get a comfortable wear out of them, that will make a real difference to your look. 

Hair Colour 

Hair colour is so important these days. Highlights, and Balayage, are popular trends at the moment. Balayage starts with a base of a darker colour and then highlights are painted on rather used rather than using a cap. This gives a beautiful sun kissed natural look. You could also go for a more extreme change. Grey is very popular at the moment as are pastel colours. If you want to make an impression why not try very bright colour and a short choppy style. These styles can still be feminine and look fantastic, especially for summer, and the best thing is that they are easy to wash and style. 



Lastly, consider tattoos. Tattoos are very popular now, with both men and women wearing them. There are a range of tattoo styles available. Whether traditional old-fashioned, or geometric modern ones are more your thing, think before you ink! If you are concerned about the process why not try a small tattoo, and see whether you would be able to go for something big. If you don't want something permanent, you could try henna & temporary tattoos, which come in some fantastic designs and colours. The metallic ones are perfect for summer holidays.

What do you think of these ways to enhance your personal style? Have you changed your personal style recently? 

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  1. I love that we can all have different personal styles. For me I use makeup and contouring is a must for me.

  2. I have 2 tattoos and seriously contemplating getting a third!

  3. I have quite a few tattoos (9 at last count) and I have 19 piercings in my ears and 1 in my nose so pretty sure I fit this haha. I wish I could contour though x

  4. I have to admit I love tattoos - I have 5 at the moment but I definitely want to get more, just need to find the perfect designs. x

  5. I have to admit I really want to change my hair but am looking to get a new job! Some fab ideas tho on how to have individual style X

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  6. I love tattoos but I wouldn't have one personally, I am too indecisive x

  7. I love tattoos and piercing and oops, colouring my hair! I know I'm quite crazy!

  8. I love tattoos and piercing and oh I colour my hair once in a while! I know! I must be crazy!

  9. I love piercings, I have a few - Tongue, belly ears twice in each ear plus the top left ear. I really want more! I'd love a tattoo too but I'm too scared haha.
    I really wish I could contour.

  10. My style has tamed recently. The craziest I've had my hair was cut short at one side and longer at the other and really red. I love tattoos. Have 5 small ones and really would love another. As for piercings I had 6 in one ear and 3 in the other at one point but I have reduced that to 3 in one ear and none in the other now. I used to be really alternative and im starting to look more and more mummyish by the day.

  11. Hey i saw your blog and it's really fantastic! Could you ask me if this dress is cool in your opinion :) ?