Thursday 19 May 2016

What I'd Buy If Money Were No Object: River Island Plus

I'm sure you have noticed I've not been around for nearly two months, I've officially left university now after three years of stress, fun and laughter. The last two months have been the worse, I've had to write my dissertation, and three essays all in the space of little over two weeks. I'm one of them people who leaves everything to the last minute which means I stress out and have to block out the world. I had a few nights of sitting in the library until 4am, pigging out on junk food, drinking energy drink after energy drink and pulling my hair out but it was all worth it because I'll be graduating in roughly 6 months, which gives me enough time to find a real job, have a few holidays and relax a little. I am still a broke student until I find a full time job. If you are a follower though you'd of seen I've been pretty active on Instagram and today I posted a picture of me rocking a super cute Kim-Ye sweatshirt from River Island's new plus size range. Unfortunately, I have to return the sweatshirt because it's about two sizes too big for me and I can't re-buy it because I refuse to pay £4 postage making the sweatshirt £29 instead of £25! Anyway, I kinda-of-sort-of fell a tiny bit in love with River Island Plus so I wanted to share my "what I'd buy if money was no object".

I actually picked up £100 worth of items (only 6 items) from River Island so I could get free express delivery and 20% off but almost everything needs to be sent back as the sizes are all too big, I had heard RI's 'normal' range runs quite small so I assumed the same with the plus size but it actually comes up very big. I need to go down two sizes in most items.It's a shame because I had my heart set on the black mesh peplum top and it was too big and the quality was pretty poor for the price.

Silver bomber jacket: £45 - I've been looking for a new bomber jacket for summer and this seems perfect but the price tag doesn't! I'd be happy if it was black (as black goes with more) and around the £30 mark. 

Navy twill skinny trousers: £25 - I'm really in need of trousers that are not leggings, jeggings or jeans. I actually don't own a pair! I really like the zip feature and I've been loving navy more and more these days.

Medium wash Lori skinny jeans: £38 - I'm sure you've seen from my blog I have a real love for ripped jeans and if they're ripped skinny jeans I'm even more in love! I'm loving these medium wash jeans but at £38 they're a little over my jeans budget. I try to stick to the £25 mark if I can and always try to then get discount on that price *sorry not sorry*.
Cream lace bodysuit: £25 - I've loved bodysuit for the longest while but no plus size retailers made them! I know I'm bigger but why can't I have a bodysuit? I'm glad RI have made one but I'm not so happy about the price. I think I'll wait and see if Primark have one in my size. 

Khaki print kimono: £35 - I love a good kimono but not at £35! I adore the print and the colour, it isn't really me but something about it draws me to it. The only thing that puts me off is the fact it's cold shoulder and I'm not a fan of cold shoulder tops as they feel weird on.
Total: £168 

River Island still have a pretty small plus size range but I'm excited to see it grow and hopefully be in more stores as Bluewater and Oxford St feel far away for such a small range. 
Have you tried RI Plus? Would you say RI are good quality and worth the money? What do you think of these items?


  1. I havnt ventures into the stores to try the new range. Ive had a look online and there are some lovely piece's x

  2. If only money was no object! Great choices, I love the jacket :)

    Hayley-Eszti |

  3. I don't really shop in river island as I never seem to find what I am looking for. Shame the size was too big for you

  4. I haven't been into River Island in years! I used to work there in my uni days. Congratulations on finishing Uni, hope you find the perfect job soon xxx

  5. I love the jeans and the trousers agreat choice. I've not shoppd at River Island in ages.

  6. Aw you must be so glad uni is over I know exactly how stressful it can get! I love the khaki print kimono

  7. I'm a student and I've never really had luxury money to spend. I work for myself so every penny counts. This month I'm taking £100 and I'm going to just splash out for some new clothes! I love kimono, very comfy looking! x

  8. I followed your link from plus size chat. I like that kimono but £35 is too much for it ( Yours had quite a few reduced in their sale) it's also really frustrating that very few of the River Island shops have their plus sized range, l like to try things on and touch the fabric!