Thursday 29 October 2015

Poundland Nail Varnish Review

Before I went on holiday I wrote about my recent visit to Poundland and how I found some beautiful shades of varnish for only £1 {here}. I've been so busy with university and work and I've also been pretty ill the last week so I've not got around to sharing my thoughts about the varnishes. I'm sorry for the delay but here are my thoughts.

{left to right} one coat, two coats, two coats and top coat [both shades]
Scarlet Sparkle (17)
Scarlet Sparkle is a bright berry red/purple shade with silver glitter. I fell in love with it the second I saw it, it's totally me! It is so easy to apply and the brush is short and wide but weirdly it is perfect for an even application. The first coat isn't very opaque but two coats are perfect and a top coat sets it all off. Although it says quick dry on the label I have to beg to differ. I painted my nails and over an hour later my nails were still wet and got smudged, which in turn made me have to repaint them. I wasn't a happy bunny at the time! Scarlet Sparkle is such a beautiful shade but it's hard to photograph to show it's true beauty.

Pink Rasberry (17)
This shade is pretty awesome too, I love a bright pink varnish but Scarlet Sparkle really did take my heart with Poundland's collection. Just like the other shade Pink Rasberry has a short wide brush which is great for an easy application. This one is more opaque with one coat than Scarlet Sparkle is but it is more patchy and less even. Two coats are perfect with this one and the top coat seals it all in and gives it that glossy finish. It didn't last very long and started to chip within two days and took forever to dry although it dried quicker than SS. 

  Nail Hardener
I'm not sure what you write when it comes this nail hardener, I've not noticed a difference. I'll be honest I just thought it was a top coat, I used it as a base and top coat!
I decided to wear it with a different brand of varnish as the top coat and it did an amazing job, with these two varnishes listed about it didn't, they chipped within two days (more the 24 hour mark).

  • Cheap
  • Beautiful shades
  • Brush is perfect for application
  • Two layers are enough
  • Nail hardener dries quickly on its own
  • On my false nails Scarlet Sparkle lasted three weeks with minimal chipping
  • Easy to take off with nail varnish remover pads
  • Peel/chip within 24 hours
  • Not 'quick dry' like stated
  • Nail hardener hasn't changed my nails
 I rate these products:
Scarlet Sparkle: - 4/5
Pink Rasberry - 3/5
Nail hardener - 1/5

Have you tried any Poundland varnishes?


  1. I was in Poundland the other day and was looking at their nail varnishes, thank you found this really helpful x

  2. It's such a shame the nail hardener hasn't worked at all - poundland items can be so hit and miss. x

  3. Never tried poundland varnish, don't think I will either. Even the best ones don't always last.
    I do like the shades you picked though.

  4. I tried a blue nail varnish and it was pretty good the scarlet sparkle looks good!

  5. Scarlet Sparkle is such a beautiful shade! It's so annoying how quickly they chipped though :/ Stephanie x

  6. I dont really like cosmetics in pundland style shops. I am little scared over the chemicals in the product. Although I have never tried, so I cant tell if this would harm or not. I see loads of people using the and they still happy and alive ;) I think is just me being oversensitive! Lovely shades! Shame not worked for you.

  7. The scarlet sparkle is a lovely shade but I dont like that it chipped easily. Thanks for the honest review :)

  8. Pink raspberry looks nice, but I guess in some ways you do get waht you pay for so i wouldn't expect it to last as long as an expensive varnish.

  9. Oohhh, I have looked at these and wondered if they could be any good. Now I know. Great review. Would love more reviews on the Poundland beauty range if possible?

  10. They are really lovely shades but for £1 I guess this is a case of getting what you paid for x

  11. Great colours! My girls love them for cheap and cheerful nails. Kaz x

  12. Hmm not sure I'd ever try Poundland's nail varnishes myself, especially if they chip easily! I do like the colours though :)

  13. Beautiful colours, suits your skin tone. I won't go near Poundland's products though.

  14. Those are gorgeous shades that are completely my cup of tea. I've never used Poundland nail varnishes before and I'm not sure if I would now. Thanks for sharing 😊 x

  15. I can't buy a nail varnish that chips quickly, I just don't have the time to keep re-doing them. I like the colours though.

  16. I find that my nails never last longer that 24 hours without chipping. x

  17. I really like the Scarlet Sparkle although I have a real thing about nails chipping within hours after applying but I do think the colours look amazing for the price

    Laura x

  18. Nail varnishes seem to be so expensive sometimes so it's really interesting to hear which cheaper products and which don't.