Monday 2 November 2015

New Lens: SIGMA 70-300 mm review

Unopened box of SIGMA lens 70-300mm
I've been looking for a new lens since I got my Nikon camera but after I got a massive scratch on my main 18mm - 55mm lens while I was photographing the Northern Lights in Reykjavik I knew it was time to finally buy one. I knew I wanted something between 50mm and 300mm for long distance shots as I have a few things planned in my head and I know I'd need a telephoto zoom lens. 
I spotted this one online and couldn't wait for it to come!

Black SIGMA lens and lens hood 70 - 300mm
When I took it out the box I couldn't believe how heavy and bulky it was. I had been reading on other sites and they were all lightweight but as this one was cheaper I picked it up, now I wish I never.
SIGMA 70 - 300mm lens with lens hood

  • Great, crystal clear pictures
  • Works great on both auto and manual focus
  • It is super heavy! I actually makes my tripod want to tip over
  • It is very noisy, you wouldn't believe how noisy it is when you focus
  • Hard to keep your hand steady as it is so heavy and it makes your arm ache
  • A lot larger than the lens I'm used to
18-55mm NIKKOR lens with scratch on it
As you can see from the picture above the scratch on my lens is pretty big and it ruins every picture! I'm going to look into getting it fixed but it may actually be cheaper for me to to buy a new 18mm - 55mm lens off eBay.  
Winter leaves have fallen on ground
Picture of a green bush and leaves
 I'm not actually sure I'll be keeping this lens, the negatives really out way the positives, I've got 7 days to make up my mind. I think I'll look for a lightweight alternative in the meantime. 

What lens would you recommend getting for the perfect shots while blogging?


  1. It's a shame its so heavy. It's no fun carrying around something so bulky x

  2. such a shame about cons about having this lens. I don't have any lenses I just use the lens my camera came with. :)

  3. Great post dear! Have a wonderful day:)

  4. I need a 55mm lens, I have a telephoto and a macro which are great but need something inbetween. I've not used a telephoto lens yet that wasn't heavy so would be interested to see if you can find a nice light one.

  5. I think all lenses with a good range will be heavy- that'll be inevitable. I have a 35MM and because it's so small it's light, but I need to get one with a good flexible range as my next lense but I'm not expecting it to be one that I can transport with me to events or anything. Mainly for use at home or on days where the aim is getting pictures of clothing etc x

  6. My husband is really into his photography and I was thinking of a new lens for him for Christmas. You don't sound overly impressed with this one.

  7. I need a new camera altogether. currently just using a basic digital camera but really need a new one, but don't know where to start

  8. My larger lenses is pretty heavy as well, so I have to be choosy about when I use it - I think that's part of the territory with them though which is a shame - if your find it too big I'd be tempted to repair or buy another of the same size as your previous one. x

  9. This is the problem with lens , aesthetically they can be very beautiful but it is usability and durability that lets them down. I am looking for lens at the moment.

  10. I have a 55m lens by Canon and I love it.

  11. This looks really good. I need to buy more lenses for camera x

  12. I have the same lens, I too found it so heavy and noisy to start with, but you do get used to it. Ahh that scratch on the lens is such a bummer. You can a replacement for the 18mm-55mm from Cex cheaper than eBay and you get a warranty with it. I had to replace mine recently, that's where I got it from. xx