Friday 21 December 2012

My Stats - PR & Advertising

My social network stats!
*as of 28/07/2015* 

Contact: contact@leeshastarr[DOT]com
Twitter: 3783 followers
Facebook: 1294 fans (aged 18-37 mainly)

450+ friends on personal account (mainly students, London & UK)
Bloglovin': 541
Instagram: 577
Youtube: 1,256,615 video views/ 212 subscribers
  • 178,843 overall views
  • 4061 views in the last month (29 June 2015Today)
  • Page views today (10:46pm): 311
  • Main countries: USA, UK, Sweden, China, Germany
I am a PR friendly blogger, I will happily try out and blog about products as long as I feel they are relevant to me and my blog. I am a plus size blogger and I am always looking to try new plus size clothing stores out. All reviews will be in my own words I do not agree to content repost. They will be 100% honest if it is positive or not although I'd never write a hate speech on a product. I'd always have the pros and cons. 
I am a qualified beautician so I do love beauty products from oils to make-up.
I am waiting on the next MOZ update to update my DA & PA.

Please note that every review/ opinion posted on 'The Life of Leeshastarr’ is completely unbiased and are my honest opinion be it good or bad. I will disclose every PR sample or gift with text somewhere in the post as using an asterisk (*) can become confusing, although I will use an asterisk too. I will always be honest about if I paid for the product or was given it for free, even if it is a gift from friends and family.
Some links throughout my blog may be affiliate links which I may benefit from in some way but this would never change my opinion. I will also fully disclose all sponsored posts.
Please do not remove any watermarks off my pictures or crop, edit or post my pictures without prior consent or without a full credit under each picture.
All content provided on this blog,, is for informational purposes only.

You can check out some of my reviews here.  

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