Saturday 22 December 2012

Primark 'Base, Crackle & Top' nail varnish

I have to start with.. STICK TO BARRY M NAIL VARNISH

I know it was £1 each varnish (£3 for the set) but I expected a little bit more from the nail varnish. I'll be honest I've used many cheap nail varnishes before and this has to be the worst varnish I've ever used. Maybe Barry M crackle effect has spoilt me or maybe this truly is the worst nail varnish around. 

My first problem with the set is the 'base coat' as a beautician and even just as a girl you should know to never put such a dark colour on your nails without a clear base coat as it can stain your nails. So the 'top coat' should be a base and top coat but unfortunately the top coat is rather gloopy. 

My second problem is how transparent the dark purple is so this isn't a good picture because this was after two coats but you can even see there are parts I missed and they are pretty transparent. 

Here is a picture of the 'cracked' polish on the purple 'base coat'. I think it cracked pretty well, I'll be honest. I don't think it can crack badly, I really like the fact each nail comes out unique. My downside of this was the fact the bottle is a dark pink varnish and as it dries it turns light pink. I also hate the fact it dries on the brush, with Barry M it don't dry as quick as this one. I found I was half way though doing one nail (you should only do one coat don't keep going over the nail) and it will dry making me have to re dip the brush. I spilt a little on the bottle and it dried before I had time to put the brush down and get my nail varnish remover. 

Now, I am sure you are thinking 'what has she done to the nail!?' well I added the top coat! It changed the pink back to the dark pink and this is the finished look. 
I waited 15 minutes before adding the top coat (got busy with something else) so it can't be that I didn't let it dry correctly. I then left the top coat for 10 minutes to make sure this was the finished look and here is the proof. 

Overall I'd have to say it isn't worth the £3. If you find it for £1 in Primark snap it up and try it out for yourself. I wouldn't bother though! 

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