Wednesday 24 August 2016

Tips For Getting Makeup Samples For Free

If you are anything like me and like trying different cosmetic brands and products but don't want to shell out loads of money then I have some tips so you can do just that without busting the bank, all by claiming free makeup samples! 
In this article, we will discuss how you can try out both expensive and cheap makeup brands with the help of free makeup samples. You will equally get these sample products delivered to you by mail and at your nearby cosmetics store. We will also discuss the different ways to get full-size products for free.

Get Free Makeup Samples Delivered To Your Doorstep
The most effective and easiest way to get makeup samples is to get them delivered to your doorsteps by mail. There are hundreds of freebie sites on the internet that are regularly updated on a daily basis with hundreds of new free makeup samples including lipsticks, eye shadow, mascara, blush, foundation, perfumes and the list goes on. You have to keep in mind that there are thousands of people on the lookout for such offers by famous brands so it is important to act fast and sign-up for a newsletter if offered by the freebie site. We reviewed many a lot of such websites to include in this article but the one that got our attention is WOWFreeStuff. This site gets regularly updated with new offers and the expired ones are attentively removed which makes the freebie-hunting experience a lot better. You can also find a lot more on this website besides makeup. 

Get Free Makeup Samples From The Stores 
There’s a chance of you getting away with a huge stash of free makeup samples just by asking for them at your local beauty/cosmetic store as well as the department store (i.e Debenhams). I often go in to my local store and get free MAC primer, I've not bought primer in years! Whichever place sells makeup can provide you with small sample containers of the products that you want to try out instead of applying them at the store. You would also want to look out for promotional stalls that are usually set at beauty/cosmetic stores and give away a variety of product samples offered by famous brands for customer feedback and marketing.

Get Free Makeup Samples By Placing An Order 
You can get free makeup samples from beauty/cosmetic stores by just placing an order. Some of the famous beauty stores that commonly send free samples to their customers include Sephora, Smashbox, Benefit and Ulta. You will have to mark the free samples option during the checkout process. Some stores even let the customers decide what sample products they want to receive. 

Get Free Makeup Samples From Social Media
This is one of my favourite ways to get free samples - Many cosmetic brands give away free samples as well as full-size products to their social media followers. You can ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ your favorite makeup brands on social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep an eye on such offers. A number of competitions are also carried out on the social media pages of cosmetic brands that award the winners with gift bundles that include full-size makeup products. Bloggers also collaborate with brands and give away free free cosmetics.

Get Free Makeup Samples By Product Testing 
You can become a product tester by joining a test group to try out different makeups and give feedback. The testers usually walk out with the products that they are provided with to review. L’Oreal Consumer Participation Panel is one of these events where the participants get to have the full product after providing feedback. A similar program is also run by Physician’s Formula where the product testers review a new product and get to take it back home afterward. You can also write a letter to your favorite beauty brand for requesting sample products. The letter may include your experience with their other products and admiration of the things that you like, how you would want to try out their other products and your shipment address. You might end up with a number of full-size products and samples. 

Good luck with getting freebies and full-size samples, hopefully with all these tips you'll never have to buy your favourite brand again! 

Have you got free make-up samples before? What methods do you use to get expensive make-up for free?

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  1. I love going around the beauty counters and trying out little samples of products!

  2. Samples are great. When i shop at a counter I always try and get some samples x

  3. Great tips, these! I should look into them for my daughter - she's that age now where she likes to play with such things.

  4. I didn't know all these methods for free make up samples. I've only tried the testing because I'm a blogger, and at the stores don't give me a lot of free samples. Maybe only skincare products but never makeup.

  5. I've done a fair bit of product testing and I find it really good fun!

  6. Sometimes I get samples when I place orders online but most of my samples come from beauty boxes x

  7. I do Sopost which gives you free samples now and again. Makeup counters at department stores are a good source too,

  8. I was also going to say SoPost also have amazing freebies from time to time too.

  9. Nice tips for who ever is interested in trying out new samples.