Friday 16 December 2016

Mini Lovedrobe Haul

We are deep into winter now here in the UK and I've been feeling the cold a lot recently, since I've been working on average 40 - 50 hours a week I've just not had the time to go shopping and update the wardrobe with new winter wear but I decided to check out Lovedrobe and picked up a few items. Initially I was looking at Lovedrobe's dresses as I always buy a new dress for Christmas and New Years Eve but I had to keep reminding myself that I need new tops, jumpers and jackets not dress, leggings or jeans (all of which are overtaking my super tiny walk in wardrobe.)

So I ended up picking up four items which totalled to £70.20 and all four items were actually in the sale and would have cost £117. I am so happy with everything I got and I've already worn three of the items.

Koko Diamond Knit Jumper: £21 (was £35)
I do love a good chunky knit jumper and I was so excited when ordering this one. I did think it wouldn't keep me very warm as it has some holes but damn I was wrong, this jumper is near on perfect, it's so cozy and I was very toasted in it. Only downside is the fact the jumper comes come up small. I opted for a size bigger and it's a little tight on my bust but fine everywhere else, ideally it would fit better but I love it so much I won't bother returning it. The jumper is very soft, not itchy in the slightest and it's pretty flattering with its dip hem and round neck.
I actually wore my jumper today with my New Look jeans and Timberlands, I had a chilled day as it's my last day off before Christmas Day so I wanted to be comfy and warm, I had my hair up, basic make-up and I was ready to roll.

Koko Floral Print Bomber Jacket: £16.20 (was £27)
I know bomber jackets are so summer autumn but I just couldn't help myself, I've wanted one but I'd never pay full price so when I spotted this at £16.20 I just had to grab it before it sold out. The jacket itself is pretty good quality and a lot warmer than you'd think whilst seeing it online, it's also a lot prettier and so flattering. My only issue with the bomber is the fact it doesn't have pockets, this would actually be the most amazing jacket ever if it had pockets. This bomber is great for a dress down or dressing up look. I was rocking it yesterday with boots, a pair of skinnies and my blouse, I know I'll also be rocking it with my uniform when the weather picks up a little bit because I love it so much!
sorry for picture quality

Lovedrobe Crochet Collar Blouse: £27 (was £45)
The second I spotted this blouse online I just fell in love with the crochet collar, it's something I've not actually seen before and thought it was pretty awesome. I actually have a thing for collars and statement necklaces at the moment and this crochet collar is perfect for that look. When I first saw it online I wasn't sure what colour it was but it's like a creamy/beige colour and goes really well with the floral bomber jacket. The one thing that I wasn't too sure about was the price - at £27 this is out of my normal price range but it is pretty high quality, it's a thick polyester material and unlike many of my cheaper alternatives it keeps you warm so it's perfect for summer/autumn and winter. I got normal shirt size which is a size up from my normal size (because we all know big boobs and shirts don't go) and it fits perfectly, it's pretty stretchy and very flattering. It was so flattering that I decided it would be perfect for my trip to Winter Wonderland yesterday, I  just love the fact it covers my bottom and top of my thighs. This blouse is actually out of stock but they have loads of amazing tops and blouses. 

Sourced Floral & Rings Print Tunic: £6 (was £10)
This is such a comfy basic tee, perfect for everyday wear when you're not in the mood to dress up. I know I'll be wearing this top a lot as it goes well with a pair of jeans and trainers. The got the top a size bigger than I'd normally get my t-shirts and I'm so glad I did, it's a perfect fit, so comfy and a little on the larger side so I don't have to worry about it clinging to my lumps and bumps. I love the way it just sits, effortlessly and it's still flattering without any effort at all. For these photos I teamed the top with my MissGuided jeans and Tesco glitter pumps for a total casual look.

Make sure you keep an eye out on Instagram to see how I dress these items up in the future!

What do you think of my items?
Have you shopped Lovedrobe before?


  1. Haven't heard of Lovedrobe until now. But you look fab in the stuff, and well worth the price. Loving the jacket, it really suites you.

  2. Ahh, I love everything but I especially love the floral bomber jacket! It's great to see bomber jackets back in the fashion! I also love the crochet collar on the blouse, very pretty! xx

  3. I love your outfits here, especially the jumper. They look great for winter x

  4. I was looking at that floral bomber the other day, it's so nice and looks great on you. The shirt is a real bargain! x

  5. I've never heard of lovedrobe before but it sounds like their prices are reasonable. I need to take a look at their jumpers as I need a few for winter.

  6. Oh I really love the print on that jumper. Lovely thanks for sharing k x

  7. I quite like the Koko diamond chunky knit jumper - Love grey!