Thursday 24 December 2015

December Fashion Wish List

I have been so busy the last month with non stop university deadlines. When I am not at university I am at work and if I'm not there I'm driving to one or the other so as soon as I get home all I can think about is my bed and catching up on the latest soaps rather than blogging! It's Christmas tomorrow and I finally feel settled enough to get back into the swing of things. I have some exciting news too... I'm off to Gambia with my university on the 4th January. We'll be there learning about sustainable tourism and how tourism affects The Gambia and other African countries. It's going to be an amazing experience and a great start to the year. Even though it's not as hot as the summer months Gambia will still be pretty pleasant so I've been looking in the sales to try and find some cute cover ups and clothes. I know Gambia is a lot more conservative than the countries I normally visit so I wanted to make sure I wasn't showing too much skin especially because we will be visiting the villages a lot. I also read that for health reasons I could wear longer clothes in the villages to stop insect bites. 

Because I needed to update my wardrobe I've been searching through my favourite stores and found loads of clothes that I want, but simply can't afford right now or can't think about buying when there are things I need more. *sulks* I wanted to share some of my favourites with you all. 

December wish list

Helen Ripped Detail Skinny Jeans from Boohoo+: £30 -  
I am massively into ripped jeans at the moment, I really can't get enough of them and I really need some new colours and you can never have enough jeans right? These are gorgeous. 

Freya Ripped Knee Stretch Skinny Jean from Boohoo+: £25 - 
Just like the others I really love these jeans, I've not seen rips like these either, they're so cute. 

Aisha Belted Plunge Neck Skater Dress in Cobalt Blue from Boohoo+: £20 - 
I am in love with cobalt blue at the moment. In the store that I work in we have loads of cobalt blue items and I instantly love them all. They don't have my size but I'm kind of happy because it means I won't buy it. It will just be another dress that I wear once and leave in my cupboard. 

Striped Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt from Forever 21+: £19 - 
I eye this jumper up every time I go into Forever 21 at Stratford. I really want it but I'm waiting for it to go into the sale or when I see a 20% or 30% discount code. I'll always be a massive fan of Disney. 

Elegant Sweetheart Neck Cap Sleeve Dress from Rosegal+: £16.26 - 
I've been experimenting with my fashion recently, not that I've actually shared it on my blog, and this dress is gorgeous and totally not me but I'd love to try it out and see how it looks on me. 

Lillian Zip Up Buckle Quilted Biker Boots from Online Avenue: £24.99 - 
I really need boots for winter and these are ideal, I've always had a thing for biker boots and the buckle gets me even more excited. xD 

Shannon Peep Toe High Platforms from Online Avenue: £25.49 - 
I have so many heels like these but a girl can never have too many pairs! I'm actually in love, they're pretty cheap too so you can't go wrong and they're actually be perfect for New Years Eve.

What do you think of my wist list? Would you buy any of these items? 


  1. Love both pairs of shoes you've selected! Love the price tags too ;) Think those may be a Christmas treat to myself....

    Laura | What's Hot?

  2. I just clicked through to Boohoo from your blog. I have nevet shopped there before. The prices seem very decent and their sale prices are very good. I will get a fee cheeky purchases for my late Christmas present and let you knoe my thoughts.

    Merry Christmas

    Vicky x

  3. I want the peep toe platforms and the Mickey Mouse Jumper. Cute finds hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your visit to Gambia with university x

  4. I really want some ripped jeans but I'm not sure if I'd suit them. They look so great on others! xxx

  5. Great round up - I love the skater dress, such a brilliant price too. Kaz x

  6. Lovely pieces you have here. I am a huge fan of Boohoo.

  7. Super duper blue wishlist, ha! Hope you had a good one :-)

  8. Have a great time in Gambia :) What an opportunity x

  9. I want that mickey mouse sweater, I am googling it right now, it is my favorite, really fun

  10. Great trip opportunity. I remember my uni field trip was to Ireland. Not quite the same!

    Love the navy dress. Very demure

  11. Oh love your wishlist! Looks amazing! I wish I could make mine, but I do, i will buy it all next day and all my saving skills gone to bin haha

  12. Loving your wishlist, I still havent quite got to grips with the whole ripped jeans thing but they do look good x

  13. I like that blue dress, it's amazing x

  14. I love that Mickey Mouse sweatshirt - so cute! I can't resist anything Disney haha x