Friday 28 January 2011

&& as time goes by

&& As Time Goes By:

Today I've cried so much! I've not cried like this in a while. I went Hospital today and that went well if you can call going hospital 'well' :\ I cried so much while I was there. My make-up run! I looked like a panda :( A mixed-race panda lol

I then went to subway got a cheese toastie for lunch and got a bus home, I'm home now and watching loose women, I love the show. Mum has found Ayia napa MUCH cheaper for us! ;O I'm well happy going to Amy's tonight so I'll be telling her about how mum has found it cheaper and I'll more than likely show her it so she can see it ;]

I'm freezing right now. Why is it so cold man? I want the sun.
Sun/Sex/Sea but no sex for me. I'm a good girl!
I can't wait for the sand between my toes, the heat on my body
the water rushing over me and the booze inside me
I'm totally looking forward to it now!
All I can think about
I get my each day by thinking of Ayia Napa
I do know I'll be depressed and dying if I didn't think about Ayia Napa!

I better go now though sweeties, because I need to get ready for Amy's house
Going to eat something quickly and then dash off, staying at her house tonight.
I'm happy because I get to see my beauty and because I won't be stuck with my mother!
I need some space! I feel so depressed in this house.
I hopefully see Jazzmine sometime tomorrow with little man 
I miss her not seen her in a while (only a few days but still)
I love Jazzmine && Little Man <3
Jermaine.Jazzmine.Charlene <3 <3


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