Saturday 1 January 2011

New Year New Tattoo?

I'll start with a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So not all of you will know as you don't all know me personally,  but I love piercings love love love them! And I've always hated tattoos but there is something about them, I really want one! Or more ;) I currently have my ears done twice in both ears, my tragus and my nose done... I did have my belly button done but I took it out :( I'm looking to get my lip done next and a tattoo only problem is...


She says while I still live under her roof I'm not allowed any tattoos, nothing. It really pisses me off because I'd happily move out if I COULD but I can't move out, I only get like £200 a month that wouldn't even pay rent let along keep me fed, washed and stuff! I want A TATTOO :( 

Here are some of the tats I like... Let me know what you all think. I may just go behind her back and get one (shh) =P    

but with mum on....


  1. the butterfly one is sexxxy twinny :D
    and the stay true one and the first stars one :)

  2. Yeah I think I'll get the stay true one :D and stars when I loose some weight lol