Tuesday 8 February 2011


HELLO beauts <3

Hope your all really well and loving the English son! I am :) I know its still cold out but I like the sun, it makes me happy, can't wait to see the Cyprus sun! 

I'm watching Jeremy Kyle right now with mummy and her friend is here, they are doing mums hair, I'm just sitting in my pj bottoms and a top, I decided I didn't want to get dressed today so I had a wash and stuck on clean pjs. I'm waiting on some outfits to come in the post for Ayia Napa so I put a top on, I took lots of pictures today, I was just in a good mood... 

I've also decided I'm dying my hair plum! I'm not sure if I want a more purple plum or a plum that looks more reddish... I've always wanted red hair but now lots of people have done it I'm really not!! I like plum ;D 

I failed my college treatment yesterday and got kicked out of college for not taking out my ear stud out! I failed for not stopping my client from spotting (bleeding) and going over the time by 4mins :( I had a fall out with my stupid teacher because I wouldn't take my stud out, I didn't have my main teacher she is wonderful! I love her she makes me feel safe at college and respects me as a human not just some student! I'm not the type of person where you can tell me what to do! If you say "Leesha stop talking!" I'll say no and carry on! Don't disrespect me! If you go "Leesha, can you stop talking do some work please" I'll say sorry for talking and carry on with my work. I feel if you respect me I'll respect you.

Anyway I've had my little rant here, I'm not sure what to even update these days, I need help... I feel my blog is really boring, God know why any of you really come a read it each day!


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