Tuesday 22 March 2011

Day 20 - This Month overall

Who remembers when I was doing a day by day blog? Well I stopped didn't I? Well now I'll do posts when I like and about what I like on the subjects from the list. Take a look at this list if you would like a reminder of the things on it, you can even send a request in and I'll write on that topic.

This Month overall 

I've had a pretty good month so far, It is currently the 22nd of March. I've not had much college so I've been really happy. Had some little lay ins I've been waking up at around 10am (this is my new lay in time) I'm really shocked at what times I've been waking up. It seems to be getting more and more early. I don't like it I remember the days I was in bed till gone 12 noon! 

So anyway my month has been okay, I've been spending lots of time with my Amybum && mummy. I've also been to my dads this month and saw my little brother. Was very nice to see my little brother, I love him so. Read him lots of book, I hate reading so I ended up making things up too. He didn't like my version of TOY STORY 2 & 3 :( I did try my best to make it sound good. 
Been so addicted to my iphone this month, I got Angry Birds Seasons full the other day, I love Angry Birds but I don't pay for apps so I was just playing the "Lite" version//free one. I love the full version although I'm lost on what ones to play because there are so many to pick from. I really love angry birds! Like really love it. I always get 3 stars as I'm so addicted I wont put it down till I get a 3 star even if I have to play the same level 1000 times I will not put it down till I get my 3 star, I was the same with "Cut The Rope" but I find that super dead and boring now. 

I'm looking to start making some money, I think I'm looking for a retail job I'm not in the mood to find a Beauty job and get treated like a mug, I've just left my first ever "job" and now I'm looking for something better. I better get my CV up to date and print it at college tomorrow or some time next week so I can hand it out. Really need some money for holiday, but remember people you can all gift me the money if you like, I'd love you so so so so so much, more than Angry birds ;) I have a "Wish List" on Amazon you can send me gifts or send me the money via paypal. I've also just set up some new account maybe I'll get more readers and "fans" :)
I love you all! 


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