Saturday 10 December 2011

Saturday 10/12/11

Hey muffins, hope all is well with you. Yesterday I went out clubbing with one of my little beauties. I had college from 1:15 - 3pm (one lesson) then I went Domino's got a pizza and come home. After I had a sexy long bath which was so needed! After my bath I started to get ready. I couldn't find my false lashes then when I did I couldn't find my glue. I ended up not having any on and I hate going out without them. I need to buy some glue and new lashes. I have 8 pairs but I want some other ones. I'll have to show u this funny picture I have a picture of my old fake lashes with my new ones. SO DIFFERENT. I had little short ones now I have near on Katie Price ones! Around 7:30 I went shop got a big bottle of Lambrini only 2.99 and it is 11.3 units, I also had vodka and Beth had some Rose wine. I was very tipsy b4 we even left the house.

I got to Beths and we listened to some BANGIN' music and talked loads. We then went got fags for her and a bus ticket. It took us like an hour to walk a 20min walk to a club because she was in heels. I didn't wear mine. We got refused in because they said my friends ID wasn't her... But we have been let in before && she always goes. A JOBS WORTH security but it did look really shit plus my aunt was in there. A bit of a kill joy xD We then got a bus to a really cool club and had a shit load of fun. sambuca shot, magners, vodka... :) LUSH! We left the club gone 3am and went home. I got home to my house around 10:30am I slept till 4pm I needed it so badly. My head was bangin and still is..

Here are some crazy pictures from yesterday. NOT all because only my Facebook friends can see me make a fool of myself ;D

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