Thursday 1 March 2012


I have two interviews lined with with two GREAT companies. One is to work on event days at emirates stadium and the other is to work summer 2012 events. :) I am so excited. I would love to have both jobs and they shouldn't clash at all... Wish me luck because my first interview is on Saturday. I'll leave my house around 7:15am because I want to make sure I am on time. I know where it is because I was born in Wembley and I do still live there (with my dad) so I can't get too lost haha. But at the same time I am not 100% sure I know where it is. So if I am really early I'll pop in a coffee shop.. :) 

I am super duper excited though. I really want to work, not even for the money but to meet new people, learn new skills and to enjoy it. I apply for so many jobs but I am glad I got interviews with these 2 companies... I'll have to have the day off college for the summer 2012 interview but OH WELL. DON'T CARE ;)

I have blurred the name of the company and stuff because I don't need more people applying for the job, it is hard enough trying to get it!

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