Sunday 27 May 2012

Friday 25th (Diet day 3)

Sorry I never blogged Friday, I had college and when I got home I was feeling pretty lazy. I stuck to my diet on Friday... I try eat no more than 1500 calories (women should have 2000 calories) I had them two fruits from Tesco and a hotdog pizza from ASDA for dinner.   

So I wear my door key like this now haha, because I am scared I will lose it haha, I don't really have pockets in the summer because I don't eat a coat, although I was wearing a oversized hoodie on Friday I wanted my key like that because the pockets are so rubbish on the hoodie

At college I only had 1 lesson then my 2nd lesson I was helping a different class who will help me next week on my welcome meeting, we had to sit in the cabin and wait, the cabin is like an airplane That is why this picture makes me look like I am on an airplane =P I also found out because I have good attendance at college I get to go Nando's (free) and X factor on Monday, the college pay for it all... Super cool but  am going X FACTOR on Wednesday with one of the girls from my class anyway haha.

At Midnight Friday/Saturday I tweeted one of the DJs on Kiss 100 and got a RT :D I love Kiss and this is my 2nd RT from a DJ/presenter :) 

I am going to go now and blog about yesterday. :)

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