Sunday 17 June 2012

Bad updates!

Super sorry my updates have been crap this weekend, not been busy as such more lazy! I've had nothing to write about as I've not done much. Been pretty lazy, watched some movies and so on, I've not really even tweeted to be honest.

Now I am watching 'My Sister's Keeper' and this film really gets my back up, I know this film isn't real life but I know somewhere in the world something along them lines is really happening and it very much upsets me! I just can't believe someone would have a child JUST to save someone else, you shouldn't use a life just for someone elses! It does upset me loads and I think the acting is amazing!

So soon I'll get into my bed and get cozy as I have a long day tomorrow! I have to do Guy's Hospital for two things and go somewhere with my mum. I may also go to my GP and pick up my forms for a blood test, if not tomorrow some time in the week and I'll have to then go to St' Thomas' or Guy's hospital (N) I hate when they take blood they can never get it first time!

Night everyone!

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