Saturday 28 July 2012

Nite out

Oh, I regret last night so much haha, I really did drink too much. I wasn't full on drunk but I was getting there. I drank about 4, vodka and cokes, 4 cosmos, 2 wkds, brandy and coke, pimms... I am likely to have drank more but I can't remember what else. I've woke up with a big lump on the side of my head and I remember banging it when I was sitting waiting for a cab home :( I remember some old man telling me I look really gorg when we was in one of the pubs lool. He was like super old haha. 

I didn't even want to go out last night, Lils just asked me and I went, was expecting to be home for 11pm, got home nearly 5am!

Here are some pictures haha, wtf! 

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