Thursday 23 August 2012


So I've totally not really wrote about the last week, I have not been busy or nothing, just too lazy to write about my days.

On Monday I woke up 8am and went to Star lane for me new olympic pass, I went canning town for my training and then come home to a nice peacful home! Monday was a really good day for me, I had so many giggles that day!

On Tuesday I went to ASDA, I did my weekly shop of diet drinks, I have to drink drinks with less than 5 calories to ever 100ml, it is pretty hard so I stick to water and coke zero or pepsi max. They have no sugar and not many calories! I am on a strick 1500 calorie diet and I am slowly getting slimmer, so without going gum I've lost like 6/7kg I think, that is alot for me! I will start going gym soon though. Once I am back to college and know my days. So this is well off topic haha

On Wednesday I woke up late for me these days, 10:40! I got up and done my normal wash and everything and sat and watched my recorded things on sky and then picked my cuz up from Waterloo, he is staying for a few days. :D

Today is Thursday and I woke up 11:30am in a panic, now I am in my Hello Kitty dressing gown (weirdly enough I have never spell this word before and it don't look like it is spelt right...)

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