Friday 30 November 2012

University of West London

Today I went to The University of West London open day at their Ealing campus. I woke up and left the house for 8:30am and expected to get to the university for 9:45am but I was wrong. At 9:45am I was still on the train! I didn't get to South Ealing till 10:05am where I then waited for one of my classmates with one of my other classmates. I wasn't exactly late to it as it didn't fully start till 10:30 but I was annoyed I didn't make it on time as I did leave pretty early. This was strike one against the University; it will take me too long to get their each morning. 

After we had a real lecture that you would have if you were at the university. I found it pretty boring, I am not sure if boring is the world because I've had boring lessons in college that are a 'snorefest' but this was weird, it just didn't feel right. After the lecture it was lunch it all seemed a little overpriced so we all stuck to the freebies of Orange Juice and biscuits. After lunch we had a seminar (I believe that is what it is called)
most people left at this point, clearly people didn't want to go to the university. When it came to the talk about fees me and two of my classmates left, none of us want to go to the university and we had already been in a talk at college about it. As soon as I got home I took it from my ucas, I am just so happy I went before I applied! Waste of an application if I did keep it.

I can't really say there was anything wrong with the university but my instinct told me there wasn't anything right with it and it wasn't for me. It is a shame, it is so up to date and stylish. I could see just from the short tour they had some good facilities. You could even use your ipad, laptop and so on in class!


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