Tuesday 4 December 2012

Good evening beauties,

I've had a bit of a better day, but only because I've not done much. My teacher wasn't in so we only had to finish our work from a different lesson which I had already done so I sat around talking with some of my class buddies. I had a rep meeting in a different campus so I got out of class at 11:30am. The meeting was pretty good, found out that the college is getting a Starbucks after Christmas. I'm excited because I love Starbucks and it will be cheaper than the normal retail store! The meeting finished 13:50 so I didn't have to go back to college. Once I got home I jumped into my onesie and I've sat here watching TV. 

Pretty boring day but that is my life these days, college, college, thinking about college and more college. Break up soon for Christmas so my life will be more fun then. 

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