Monday 10 December 2012

Good Evening

And then it was Monday again! For me Monday is the worst day of the week, not because it is the end of the weekend but because it is my longest day in college. I am there from 9:30am till 16:30 with maths as a last lesson. I don't know why I picked maths, well I do know it is so I can go university. Anyone who is doing GCSEs PLEASE do them and do them well, it will only come and bite you on the ass at a later date! 

So today was pretty good to be honest, had a geography lesson, tourism lesson, maths lesson and presentations. I had to write all about me and I was so scared. I hate talking about myself too much. I just feel big headed. It went well, I was just glad there wasn't many questions asked. 

I called T-mobile (EE) today for my upgrade and change of ownership. Got my contract in my name now and the man is calling me back tomorrow about my upgrade. Fingers crossed the phone comes before Christmas. I don't mind if it don't but I'd like it before Christmas. I'm getting an iphone 4s because it is £26 a month (less than my current bill) and I can afford it. I like it so I won't bother with an iphone 5, isn't all that different to my 4s. I'll be happy with it. I'm in shock I passed the credit check, I've never taken credit out. Well this the start of my future with getting a good credit score haha. 

Now I'm watching Hollyoaks. 

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