Tuesday 1 January 2013

G-A-Y New Years Eve/Day

I had such a boring night, it was perfect till midnight. Heaven had some really boring music. Some songs that I am 90% sure are older than my mother. The odd song was good but once I got fed up I couldn't snap out of my bad mood. I left early on my own. How stupid... I had to walk from Soho to my house ON MY OWN IN THE DARK AND RAIN AT 2AM IN THE MORNING! It is approx 3 miles according to Google Maps. It took me an hour because I am such a slow walker.

Me & Lillie
stooshe live at G-A-Y (Heaven)

First picture of 2013

Happy New Year!!

They had loads of famous people say 'Happy New Year G-A-Y' people like Lady GaGa, Sugarbabes, Girls Aloud, One Direction, Christian in 'Eastenders', P!nk, Westlife and Louis Walsh, Leona Lewis, Rita Ora, Steps and many more. It was pretty cool to see all the how many celebrities love G-A-Y. I know many artists have played at G-A-Y before they became fully famous. 

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