Saturday 26 January 2013

Spending ban - Week 2 wish list

It's that time again, time to show you my spending ban wish list. I've wanted loads of items and I'm finding it really hard to not just spend spend spend. I've been feeling really low the last three days and I've wanted to buy things to cheer me up but I can't. I am really proud of myself. I really need to book my holiday so I have a goal at the end of this. When I don't have a goal I can't make it.
Here is my wish list. 

Purple Collar Button Front Dress from Ax Paris Curve - £19.99
It's about prime! Essential primer kit from Benefit - £23.50
Gee that was quick make-up remover from Amazon / Benefit - £10.75
Cable Knit Cardigan from ASDA - £18
Small Eye Shadow shade 'Howzat' from MAC/Amazon - £8.99
Quick change brush cleaner from Bare Minerals/ Debenhams - £10 
Oversized Cardigan from Matalan - £25
Get started kit from BareMinerals / Debenhams - £42

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