Monday 21 January 2013

Why can't I spend!?

Popped into ASDA today as I had to pick up some socks, not totally against my spending ban as I need them. I seem to have lost all my socks / they have holes in! 

So anyway as I was walking to the self checkout I walked down the 'festive isle' its the isle where they have all the Christmas stuff, Valentine's day stuff and all their special events stuff (baby event, health and beauty event and so on) So this week or month I'm not sure how long it runs ASDA have a health and beauty event with loads of beauty items, hair items, lady items for cheap prices. 

I felt like I was in hell, I could have bought so many items today but I had to tell myself NO. It is so hard when you have all these wonderful items tempting you. Items from £1! Products from Aussie, Pantene, Simple, Clean & Clear, Vasline, Olay, Head & Shoulders, Rimmel Garnier & many more!!

£5 each on the Rimmel London items, 3 for £10 on hair products & £3 on other hair items, fake tan for £3 and so many other amazing deals. I wish I could buy nearly everything. This is just one section of the items ASDA have to offer this week!

Get down to your local ASDA now! 

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