Thursday 17 October 2013

Marrakech day 2 ✈️

So it is now day two in Marrakech, I can't exactly write a post because it is only 16:35 and the day isn't over yet but I've had a pretty busy day already.

 Woke up a little before 09:00, I had a wash and rush down for breakfast leaving my mum in the room having a shower, I got down at about 09:28, lucky I did because the doors got locked behind me at 09:30 even though breakfast should be going on till 10:00! I got there to a rock hard pancake and some hard looking breads, I decided to try the pancake because I didn't know it was rock hard till I tried to eat it. I decided it wasn't for me and went back to our room to be greeted by my mum thinking I had missed breakfast all together where I wasn't gone long. I finished getting ready (because I didn't have enough time before) and we met up with the rest of our 'party' and went for a walk towards the Jemaa el-Fnaa where we stopped at Mcdonald's for something to eat, yet again we are living off 'fast food' I say fast food, if it was in the UK they'd of been fired by now because they are so slow. Lucky for us we only got some fries and a milkshake. We then kept walking and came across some more shops and a beautiful water fountain (whatever you call them) It was now about 12:30 so we headed back the hotel where I changed into my swimsuit, oiled up and hit the sun beds for a few hours before having a shower and now I am sitting writing this. 

 We are looking to book a trip to Ourika Valley which is part of the Atlas Mountains which I am super excited about, we are also looking to book a trip to La Palmeraie which is where we will ride dromedaires (camels) which I am even more excited about. I've always wanted to ride a camel and this is the best chance I'll get.
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