Wednesday 25 December 2013

Christmas Sales

It is only Christmas day and already I've done some cheeky shopping. Many stores this year haven't waited for the typical 'Boxing Day Sales' and started early so I thought I'd take full advantage. 
I picked up a white sheer blouse from ASDA for £6 was £12. They currently have up to 1/2 off. I got a pair of Navy Disco Pants from AX Paris which I've been dying for for weeks now. I got them for £6.29 (10% student discount) down for £25 which is a 72% discount. I believe their sale is up to 75%. & I got a few items from New Look. Grey Heart Print Bow Alice Band £1 from £2.99, Midi Skirt £8 from £17.99, MTV tank £5 from £14.99, Lion head necklace £3 from £6.99, gold cuff £2 was £4.99. The gold cuff is now out of stock. Sorry! 

Have you done any online shopping yet or do you prefer to go to the stores on Boxing day?
I can't deal with the crowds this year, it is just far too busy in London.  
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  1. I am currently trying to save as I am going away for new years, so I have tried to avoid the ASOS app, but I went to town today and bought a few items from primark and h&m! only one item was in the sale though :( haha.

    I love that lion necklace!!

    Hope you had a great xmas

    meimei xx

    1. I totally forgot about ASOS. I better not or I'll buy so much haha