Saturday 22 February 2014

15 Facts About Me

  1. I am in my early 20s.
  2. I'm from South East London & I also live in Wembley.
  3. I have three jobs, all of which in the hospitality sector but they are casual work (0 hour contract)
  4. I am a university student, I study International Tourism Management.
  5. I am a qualified beautician but hate doing nails. I love waxing. 
  6. I'm super quiet till you get to know me then I'm outgoing, crazy and fun.
  7. I love to travel, I wish I could quit university and travel the world.
  8. I love cocktails and I've been called Russian as I love vodka so much.
  9. I don't care how poor I am during the winter, I save for an amazing summer of sun, sea and cocktails abroad. 
  10. I love shopping in London & Online. ASOS, New Look, AX PARIS & Primark all break my bank.
  11. I am an amazing friend, I'd do anything for anyone and love to make people happy.
  12. I currently live with my mum but plan on moving out this September.
  13. Family mean the world to me. My mum, dad, little brother and grandad are my world.
  14. I get attached very easily, I miss people quickly and hate when I'm alone.
  15. I love blogging because it gives me something to do, I love meeting new people online and getting to know someone via their blog. 


  1. I am quite new to blogging but enjoy doing it :)

  2. Loving your hair.....I need to go back to red soon!!
    Lovely to read more about you x

  3. I'm SO impressed that you manage to have 3 jobs and study at the same time! Love the idea of saving all Winter - wish I was better at saving money!

    Jodie Marie
    à la

  4. Nice and simple post! It's nice to get to know people a bit better!

    3 jobs ... That's insane! I just about managed 2 when I was at uni! Great job!!


  5. great job.........
    your just like me int he respect i am soo quiet and shy till you get t know me and i feel comfortable then you never get t shut me up lol x