Tuesday 14 December 2010


So today is tueaday the 14th about 10:30pm and ive got an awful cold :(
i have this beautiful little baby cuz whom is 9 month old, she has a wee cold and i was playing with her, cuddles and kisses feeding and she kept sneezing on me and i now have ger cold :( suckish right? Very much so :'( i feel rough! 

Anyways about today...

I never had college today so i was going to do my driving as i do most tuesdaya but it got cut as my driving instructor got held up in too much traffic but really i was too ill to drive anyway so i got washed dressed into clean pjs and sat on Facebook then my cus's girlfriend came round for a few hours, was nice to see someone when im feeling so low and ill :) when she left i lay on the sofa wishing i was better moaning to mummy as i do :) mum then went Asda and got me some more stuff for my cold :D night nurse messed with my head last night lol i still feel bad though :( i then sat on the sofa hot choc in hand watching Sherk the last one... Let me say now waste of my £10!!! I love the rest that was crap :( too short i say! Then back on facebook i went, eastenders came on rubbih as normal nut still i find myself still wanting to watch it as we all do :) 

I had sketty for dinner today :) soz im a bit of a retar i call it sketty tehe mum did ask what i wanted but all i wanted was thaT! Tbh i could live off pasta and rice ;)

i got college tomorrow, last day, got my teacher chocolates to say thank u for all the help this year, passed every exam with fkying colours! :) giving my mum a facial tomorrow! Looking forward to passing! Well i hope i pass anyway tehe if not ill scream till they pass me :P i pod update soz for spelling mistakes

Night xxOXxx

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