Thursday 23 December 2010


Thursday <3 Oh how I hate you!! 

So it is like 17:39 and I'm sitting with mummy, and my cuz and aunt... Not real family but they are to me <3 My daddy came today, gave me £50 and my xmas cards and a prezzie, I'm going to my dads on Wednesday so I'll get my other ones then and I can give my little brother all of his : D

So I guess your wondering why I hate Thursday?
Well this is my story...

 I stayed at Amy's house last night and I was well sleepy, I slept in the bottom bunk in Amy's room... You would have to see her room to understand it but anyways... I got up around 3am to go toilet (as you do) xD and Sapphiee (Amy's dog) barked as she heard me moving, I got up looked at my mobile and turned around to go to the door, and Lee Amy's cuz turned around on the top bunk (how u turn to get off the bunk) and looked and JUMPED!! fell on the dog nearly killing my poor baby girl, and started screaming and I started shouting "Lee its only Sapphie" and he was still half asleep screaming till I turned the light on.... Amy's mum had to come and take him upstairs... Amy got scared loool I had to look after her well I went back to sleep =P 

I then had to get up real early so I could go driving, I was munching my toast as my driving instructor came :( WELL UPSETTING!!! lol and then I went to sleep when I got home and my dad came and woke me up :( Now I've been awake for bare long when I REALLY need a sleep....

Now you know my story of why I hate today!! :)

Night for now sweeties... Love you all <3
TTYL <3  

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  1. HAHA wasnt that bad, was a legend day =D hahaha
    loool ly xxx