Sunday 30 January 2011


Hello my beautiful Bambinos <3

Mummy is home :)

Yes I am back people ;) and I'm back with new stories and new pictures; Hope you all enjoy and thank you for the readers while I was gone, I know I didn't have a decent post but I still got lots of readers/views.

Here are a few of my stories :)

 I was leaving Amy's house this afternoon and I spotted this car, I love the car and I love the colour, as I'm getting closer to doing my driving test I really am looking for a nice little car and I think I've honestly found my perfect car! I need this car, I want this car OR ELSE ¬_¬
I'll kill for this car honestly. I love Mary Kay stuff too! ;D I'd work for them if it means I'd get this car! I love it and it won car of the year 2010! I have no idea what type of car it is though :( I'm just a ditzy blonde :( lol
If you can not look at this car and be madly in love your weird! lol I love it omg I want to scream because I love it so much! The pink is PERFECT the shape is PERFECT, the smallness is PERFECT only thing that isn't perfect is: IT IS NOT MINE! 

I think this is the worlds most perfect car, honestly forget the cars I looked at before I love love love this one! Mummy I want it </3

Please someone buy me this car lol or tell me what sort of car it is, I'll love you 100000000000000000000000% !

 It is honest a real shame that the world is like this, that there is gun and knife crime and people are getting hurt daily. Why is God hurting us all so much? Just wish we could be a better place, no fights, no rapes, no guns, no knives. This was in Nunhead (just near Peckham) ((yeah I'm sure u have heard about there on the news)) and I just wish this area was better, going to be an awful place to live when it comes to me having a child, I really wouldn't want a little boy if he was to turn out like the kids of these days I'd end up killing him myself. No child of mine is going to be put out in this awful world of London!

My cafe thingie on my iphone if you have it add me: leeshastarr I love this game so much! I'm like 85% addicted! lol I took this pictures this morning I have leveled up from then and got more money and stuff xD I just love the game I've tried the others they bore me but this one. BEST APP I'VE DOWNLOADED ;D So if you place it take a look at mine, send tips and gifts I'll send them back. LEESHASTARR is my name on there :) I'll always accept my beautiful people x

 I told you all I'd be adding new pictures, I took these today in Amy's bathroom ;D *HI AMY* Hhaha xD

I've had my hair done, I had just woken up mind well I hadn't I mean I had just got dressed lol my hair is a tad bit messy but it looks much better now ;)
I love pulling faces, you will more than likely clock this as you see more and more pictures of me, I don't think I go a day without pulling some type of face, I'm just a big baby at heart, I honestly am. I love making people lol at the faces I pull :) Makes me proud O__o

I blame Amy's dog for this, the bluddy dog was biting me today and cut my finger, I didn't even notice it till I got out of Amy's house. Still Saphie! *Must Kill Amy's Dog, Brother && Cat* The Dog has now got on to my must die list. My finger really hurts and I think I have waxing tomorrow ¬_¬ so I'll have to get a plaster tomorrow, we are using out PPE (gloves) but the power inside may annoy it so I'll use a plaster too :) OMG I think I need clients tomorrow :\ I need to look at my timetable!! Eeek !! :\


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