Wednesday 12 January 2011


Dear My EMA People WHERE IS MY EMA!!??!!???!!??
I was wondering if I'm one of the only people who hasn't got EMA from the start of 2O11? None of my friends have got EMA this year and I need it, I have bills to day! How can I pay for my contract phone and gym when my EMA isn't coming? I hope they are just busy and forgot! If they have stopped my EMA I will fully go mad on their ass, trust me you will see me on the news because I shot them all! I need my EMA! 

Some people may be thinking your getting free money why are you moaning?
FREE MONEY? Pfft don't make me LOL
I need this money, I have to travel to a private college in Oxford Street from Old Kent Road, I have to pay for a train, I have to eat each day, I have to pay £100 on products, I have to buy good make-up and stuff, I have to buy pens and books, I have to get this money for a stress free life. What do they want to me to do? Work in SOHO to get the money? ¬_¬
The day the dude mr egg'ed C.U.N.T face got elected was the day this nation broke in half! They expect so much from us but they can't even pay us! We have to pay for uni && college from now on, but they can't even give us a little bit of money to help us get by, knowing we now have bills to pay why not help us? they have made petrol prices go up bus prices go up but then moan we are all lazy and don't work, well mate I would work if I could get to where I wanted to go without it costing me $5 a day ¬_¬ 

I'm going now I'm angry 

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