Thursday 6 January 2011

Gym day one :D

Today was my first day at the gym :) I signed up yesterday as you would have seen reading yesterdays blog ;)

My PT Said I'm REALLY Flexible ;) lol

I was well excited, made me feel all the times I sit their and stretch my legs and stuff payed off ;)


 I got there for 3pm as that is the time my personal trainer wanted me, and I found my weight BMI fat index and all the rest, I did think it would be alot more than what it was, that was a awesome start to the day :D Made me happy! Anyway we started off by him teaching me about all the different machines and we used them all, we then went and done some weights, wow some of them was heavy, I think I'll stick to Cardio :) I love the running machine aka treadmill. I done 20+ mins on there and had a shower got dressed and went on my way home :) I know I could have done longer but I didn't want to be in too much pain tomorrow tehe

 I got in trouble today at the gym, by the PT. He said I have to eat and stop starving myself, I admitted I hadn't ate before coming to the gym and he wasn't too happy lol said I need to start eating 3 small meals a day, so my body is happy and I'm happy with the low calories. I've decided I guess I'll have to eat breakfast ¬_¬ TBH I'm hardly ever awake when it is breakfast lol 

This is all new to me! I'm loving it though, I've been so happy and smiley knowing I could loose so much weight and tone my body! 
I may not loose that much weight but I just want to know I can! I'm looking forward to going back to the gym Saturday, I may go tomorrow not sure just yet, depends on the weather and how much pain I'm in lol 

I've not eaten today, well I just had dinner but other than dinner no food has gone near my mouth, other than the midnight snack of 3 cookies! I didn't eat today until 7:40pm and I know its bad but I just couldn't find something to eat, my calories came to me via juice today and I was drinking water too =P (I never drink water EVER) 

I'm watching TV now so I'll go and I won't annoy you anymore ;) I'm sure my little updates annoy people but who care I still get views and readers ;)
I LOVE everyone who checks my page daily or even once a week. I'm madly thankful! 

 Love you all <3
P.S Don't forget the boob job ;)
Donations please xxx

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