Friday 21 January 2011

Hey everyone, short update as i am using my baby aka iphone ;)

Ill totally edit this up tomorrow with new pictures so come back and look then :P
Ive been at my dads last few days, been fun seeing my little brother, hes been ite this time hes been nice and bad a good mixture really, ive been bullying him calling him smellybum and stuff he hates it, my bro is just 3 that is why :)

Went Tottenham today and wow so many Jewish people, im not gonna lie ive never seen a real Jew before just in films, i was in shock like everyone was Jew i normally see Christians or Muslims where i live! I saw my new born baby cuz, well my bros little cuz cos its his mums family not mine! We only have the same daddie :)

Right now im watching ITV1 HD its really funny got me craking up!! Been looking at napa hotels today how the hell can i pay for these things man? Tooo much money :( ill have to rob a fudging bank dudes! So i just looked on sky it is comedy rocks , totally awesome

Night everyone

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