Monday 24 January 2011

I Am The One && Only

Today has been pretty awesome to be honest with you all. Its had its ups and downs.

I woke up this morning at around 3am as I needed to pee lol and didn't fall back to sleep till gone 6am I got up around 7:30 as I was being really lazy, I had a wash and stuff got ready for college and left real late for college. I left home and really I should have already been in college. 

I was sitting on the 53 bus on my way to college and I saw this lady sitting on the bus sleeping, she was fast asleep. She was away with the fairies lol. 

She was twitching while sleeping and I bet the silly woman missed her stop. Why do people sleep on bus anyway? :\
Go home and sleep mate I don't want to hear you snoring dude I want to listen to my music! lol

Look what sort of mail I get from these boys. I don't think I will ever in my life get a boyfriend, I have NO male friends, Jazzmine being the jealous monkey she is don't allow me to have male friends so if me and her ever stop talking and being how we are I'd be single and with no male friends to even kiss! I don't really think I like boys anymore. I can honestly say there is NO boy in this world that I know of that I could say "yeah I'd date him" I just have no feelings for boys. I think I've gone fully gay :( I really need some boys in my life, like wow I need a guy just even to hug. Even if he is gay. I'd like a gay bestfriend! Boys I need you </3 lol

Today in college we had a meeting, we are doing a party thing in April to get money for charity. I think we are doing RedCross or GOSH Great Ormond Street Hospital, I may add up a little example of what the flyer will look like later. I am doing promotion so near the date my blog will be filled with it! It is on 18/04/11 6pm-9pm at my college LCBT (google it) and we will be doing cheap waxing, tinting, shaping, facials and good quality lashes for cheap. If your looking to come it will cost you £1 to get in and you will get food and drinks free all the money will go to charity and is 100% real. (We will have proof on the day) bring friends and stuff too ;)

Bye for now everyone <3

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