Thursday 27 January 2011

Sex on the beach

Now I've got your attention HI ;]
I bet I'll get lots of readers once they see the name of this blog post lol you dirty people ;)

I'm just having a little update because I'm about to go out and have a meal and go bingo with mum and her friend. I just looked in my bank I've only got £5.10 in my bank :( I always normally have like £100+ in there. I keep taking money out for Napa and paying my bills. I'm dreading when Fitness first come to try take my money out because they will not be getting any from me! I've quit gym I did tell them but they won't listen so murrh to them. I'm going to a new gym for FREE :D

Right now I'm in a good mood. I had my interview today what a flop! I think I got the job and I don't like the look of the place. I'd rather not work there. If I get the job I think I'll turn it down. :\ or work there for a few weeks and then leave because then atleast I have it on my CV right? Maybe I stay there for 3 months or just up till Ayia Napa and then leave and find a new job once I get back to England.
I better go now mummy is ready to leave


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