Wednesday 26 January 2011

a little update for ya all

 Hi everyone, I've decided to show you some new pictures ;)
All taken yesterday in the morning or at night just before bed. Please forgive my nappy hair lol I've not been in the best of moods with my hair been pissing me off ¬_¬

I have to wash my hair later, got a job interview tomorrow so I'll be making it all nice and straight, I don't like my curly hair! sucks ass dudes =D Wish me luck for the job interview tomorrow ;)
2PM in a salon sort of near my house! Totally looking forward to it, hope I get the job will be my first ever job interview!!
 This too was taken yesterday ;)
I finished college early today for personal reasons, and I was happy because I got to get home and it wasn't too dark and the trains and buses wasn't jam packed. I hate busy buses! I say if you have a baby in a push chair you shouldn't use a bus at peak times, or a law saying you can't! Because they just ram up the rass buss and make me vex when they TELL ME TO MOVE and there isn't any space to move ¬_¬ dude do you want me to sit on the fucking top of the bus you dick!! CLOSE YOUR LEGS AND LEARN TO DRIVE ^__^
 This was taken yesterday just before my driving lesson, it is my gym outfit really, I rock this in the gym when I can't be assed to wear leggins and a tee :) I don't like my body I know I'm big but if you don't like it please come off my blog ;) Because I wouldn't change me for the world, I may hate myself but I'm not changing and not for someone off here ;)

I love this top though "do if for England" it is a World Cup 2010 top but I still wear it now and then, it is from ASDA xD I know cheap shop but they do have some nice tees don't you all think? ;)
My hoodie is Nike and my joggers are from Mane or something like that who knows? lol Something from catalog xD 
 My eyebrow is honestly not weird like this loool, it is because of the pose I was doing you know the "what you talking about?" face? that one like sarcastic or whatever =D 

If you have a Blackberry you will know the face lol 

true say my eye brows are bushy but I have to grow them out for college :( which is a massive shame because I love sexy eye brows it honestly makes a person pretty! I guess I'll have to wait till I get them waxed in college next week :(
the "DON'T STEAL" sign is not on the finished product but this is the start of my poster for college, "Beauty behind the mask" is out theme and my group name is KO44 at college! I think it looks pretty cool so far, let me know what you all think if you like, nothing special I'm not that great on Photoshop I was looking for a golden scroll couldn't find one so I made that lol I just used lightning bolts to make it a weird looking scroll sort of thing! :)

Right now I'm totally bored I heard Crimewatch is on tonight, looking forward to it, I love crimewatch see if I see anyone I know ;) you little bad breeds =P


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