Wednesday 26 January 2011

Naughty update

Right now I'm in college, I didn't even know I could jump on blogger in college. :)

I'm in English right now but still on our break from our last lesson. I think I'm in English It may be ICT who knows lol :)

I'm in a really good mood right now just ate my chocolate totally off my diet I know but gosh it was lush! I swear I couldn't live without chocolate...

I'm a tad bit stressy right now as the computers we us in college are really rubbish like windows 98 or some bullshit! Why do I not have a sexy windows xp or vista or 7!?! dumb college ¬_¬

Right now I'm sitting next to Sara my moose friend ;) *Told you I'd call you that on here Sara* =D
I really should go now as my teacher is here but I would very much like to update and not be in her silly class! I hate English ICT and Maths!

We should be doing waxing today, I hope I get my leg waxed or my arm as I've let the hair grow out and it looks awful (we have to let our hair grow in college so we get a good wax)

I'll go now though before my teacher comes and clocks I'm on blogger!!

Toodles my beauties


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