Tuesday 25 January 2011

Eastenders spoiler: Airs on Thursday, January 27 2011

EastEnders - Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) has a heart attackPhil receives a phone call with the news that Ben has been bunking off school. He confronts his son over the matter, and Ben is forced to admit that he is being bullied after all. Phil decides that he needs to have a chat with Ben's teacher, but Shirley, Jane and Ian all end up worried about his idea. Later, Ian visits Phil at the garage and suggests that he could help out with Ben - but Phil accuses him of using Ben to get out of paying up. He then forces Ian to get on his knees and beg. Later, Phil visits Ian at the café and takes some money out of the till. The pair are interrupted by Tanya looking for Jane and Phil tries to stir up trouble by saying that he saw Jane with Shirley.

Soon afterwards, with all options gone, Ian begs Shirley to help him but she refuses, saying he deserves everything he gets. Ian then heads over to the R&R to pay Phil, but when he walks in, he spots Phil and Glenda in a passionate clinch. At that moment, there's a shock in store as Phil suddenly collapses. Shocked, Glenda looks up to see Ian staring at them as Phil gasps for help…

When Roxy joins Syed and Christian for lunch, she senses an atmosphere.
Meanwhile, Christian and Syed argue about the situation they have got into with Roxy. Syed protests that having a child was what Christian wanted and not a decision they made together. Christian suggests that Roxy could take the pill, but Syed is against the idea - saying they should just pray that it doesn't work out. When Roxy joins the couple for lunch, she senses an atmosphere - but Syed claims they were merely arguing over baby names.

Elsewhere, Max and Jack decide to change the name of the car lot to "Branning Brothers"; Darren feels left out at the business and ends up all alone on his birthday; and Janine offers Whitney a permanent place to stay at her flat before winding Ryan up about her new flatmate.

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