Tuesday 25 January 2011

HAPPY happy Leesha

HEY My beautiful people. I'm back.

Today for me has been really good. I woke up bright and early wide eyed and bushy tailed! I then had a GREAT driving lesson with my new instructor. I think its nearly time I had my lesson!! I will try take it in June just before going to Ayia napa! <3

About Ayia Napa.... We have it all 100% planned! :D Just waiting on Amy's passport to come! Found the perfect hotel, got the taxi, got the insurance, flights the lot, we have good flights too leaving England at 3pmish so we get there at night have a lush sleep and wake up ready in the Cyprus sun! Ready to PAR-TAY =P 
I'm thinking I'll pay off my holiday stuff and then buy my euros and my stuff for holiday :D I'll buy my top ina few months once I worked out my fees and stuff lol and how much I need to pay each month to Amybum :)

I've just had a beautiful dinner cooked by mummy <3 
Made a pie with broccley (however you spell it) and hashbrowns. It was really lovely. Thank you mummy :D 
I'm watching Eastenders now. I'll post up some spoilers later ;) I feel Eastenders has gone down hill. I want carol dead and gone ¬_¬ and why the hell has lauren's mum come back in it? I DON'T LIKE HER ¬_¬ 
hmm I won't rattle on about how much Eastenders annoys me and how I still watch it daily! lol 

I'm going now I'll update later and maybe tomorrow. 
I.O.U all some new pictures 

Love && Kisses_x

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