Sunday 2 January 2011

Some things you never knew about me

Things you didn't know about me: 

1. I have a OCD with clean toilets, bathrooms, hospitals and public transport! My anti-germ gel comes everywhere with me. I can't use any toilet but my own and even that I have to use bleach before and after I use it. I can't touch bells on buses or touch walls on trains and buses without wanting to be sick, I can't walk in a hospital without using their hand gel because I feel sick and dirty, I can't use public toilets, I'd rather wet myself that go near that germ infested awfulness!

2.I'm a massive Hello Kitty addict! I love hello kitty more than anything in the whole wide world! If I could buy everything in the world hello kitty i really would! I'd love to go Japan and buy out their hello kitty!

3.I'm addicted to online shopping! I've been known to max out my cards on ebay, asos, asda and so on.... I have to stop myself buying things online by trying to forget my password to my card. If I had £1000 in my bank I could easily use it all in one day spending on the internet!

4. I'm not a smoker or a drinker, I don't smoke I don't even know how to smoke, I think its an awful habit and I could never be good friends with a train smoker! I hate the taste of all drinks and I've never been drunk in my life! I would rather a Oasis than Vodka! 

5. I've never really been a big fan of music, I could go days, months without listening to music, I like it but I wouldn't say I love music. I could willingly go without music for a year! It only gives me headaches, it is very rare that you will see me listening to music, I'd rather play a game than listen to music!

6.Even though I didn't go all my GCSES and stuff I've always been predicted to be a A student, from when I was little I always got the best results in all that I did, I'd be scared think I'd fail still not study but somehow get a good grade! My last year at school I didn't bother and in my mocks I got really bad grades and the teachers would moan saying they knew I could do much better I'm a really smart cookie when I want to be!


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