Sunday 30 January 2011


Today I was on the P12 bus (a bus that goes from my house to Amy's) and I was going home and this Turkish lady told me I left my headphones on the seat and I said said "I know I'm not getting off the bus yet" (these times I was sorting out my top because I was sitting on it and it was pulling at the back) 

I then didn't think anything of it, just before getting off the bus she picked up my headphones and said she will take them home if I don't want them :\ so I snatched them back and held them like they was my baby! I said "no its okay I'll keep them" ¬_¬ these headphones are my babies, don't even think about touching them let alone wanting to take them from me!

Today also; I got off the P12 walking along the road near my house I crossed the road at the zebra and got to pathway where cars come out of the garage and the van let me pass I ran across this little bit of road and kept walking, always looking back because I needed to cross the road and I was looking for a gap in traffic for me to run, the white van was going slowly behind me and then stopped this white man and black man was in the van, they tried talking to me I looked at them, acted like I didn't notice them and kept walking, then crossing the road. I did wonder what they was saying though, I always get weird met perving and hitting on me as I cross the road and stuff but that was just weird! I'm glad I didn't stay around to hear what they had to say. It was freezing outside! 

Anyway that is all that happened to me today that was exciting :(



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