Tuesday 11 January 2011

Tuesday 11th - Long day

As you all know from my last update I've had a really long day let me break it down for you all :- 

I started today around 11am because I had a driving lesson with my new instructor, I had a lovely one hour drive, once I got home I sat and watched some Disney channel lol I ended up going to sleep till 4 when my mum woke me up to go doctors for 4:20

I got to the doctors and my doctor was running late so I didn't get in to the doctors till about 5pm ¬_¬ I then came out gave my mum the stuff my doctor gave me and left her to go Argos (my mum had an appointment too) I went Argos and got 3 nose studs.

I had to run from Argos to the bus stop so I didn't miss my bus lucky for me it wasn't that far :) I got on the bus and took about 45 mins to get to the gym, once at the gym I walked down the stairs and it was super busy! NO MACHINES where free or any lockers! I ended up using one of the staff's lockers.

I first went on the rowing machine, only for 8 mins, my PT came and sat next to me and had a little chat, told me about me not eating and how I'm not allowed in the gym unless I eat, he wasn't 100% happy that all I had had today was a salad but it is better than nothing like before, after the rowing machine I went on the stepping one, the thing you climb stairs or whatever, it frigging hurt! I stopped after 5 mins, I then went on the running machine for a 25 min job/brisk walk. After the 25 mins I decided to cool down and do some stretching and yoga. I then had a lush shower and got dressed to do home.

I got a 453 home, for people out of south London/London/England it is a bus, a long bendy bus. We nearly had two crashes! Stupid people on the road nearly crashing into the bus!! A man in a wheelchair wanted to get on the bus and the driver kept driving and I told him to stop and he did :D That was my good deed of the day, when we got to Elephant && Castle a bus inspector got on, I was so lucky I scanned my Oyster I normally don't on the 453! I would have gave a fake name anyway ;) Leesha Star ;) 

Anyway I got off the bus around 9pm and I hate my area there are NO lights the only light you get is from the moon believe it or not! I was walking down the road and a old rusta man come up to me (Jamaican) and asked me for some money saying "baby girl long story short can you give me 60p please" in the sweetest way ever I go "I don't have any money sorry" he goes thats okay beautiful or something and I walked on... I met my mum and walked home it was freezing, dark and no one was round. It was dead out like me and mum was the only people in the whole wide world... I did ask my mum what she would do in the case of us being the only people alive, I said "I'd run around naked in nothing but my uggs and a pair of gloves" lol mum said "not in this weather" and we giggled just slightly.

I'm home now and I'm watching Eastenders as I missed it before, I love little Tiffany! Beautiful little girl! Wonderful actor too! I had some fish and chips for dinner! So happy :) My diet today was salad and a few revels and I had fish and chips for dinner, made by mum not something from a greasy chip shop!! I'll go now don't want to completely bore everyone ;) 

Night guys, I'll more than likely not update till tomorrow night x


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