Saturday 5 February 2011

Oii Oii my fitties ;D Makes a change from calling you all beautiful aye? :)

Hope everyone reading this is fully blessed! I know God is watching you all for me <3 
Massive thank you as normal for reading my blog posts, I seem to have people daily from UK (clearly I'm from there) USA and South Korea <3 Love you all ! I would love if you guys would comment me though, I'd be very much happy and I'd post alot more cooler posts knowing people ARE reading them! lol 

Anyway, I woke up around 11am this morning, got washed, hate breakfast and I've got dressed and now I'm jamming in my bedroom listening to kiss 100 on my iphone and on Facebook//Twitter and been looking up Ayia Napa pictures I'm fully addicted to Ayia Napa! I 100% can NOT wait to go Ayia napa... <3 
I put on this Hello Kitty top because as you should all know I love Hello Kitty <3 And I looked in the mirror and noticed it says 2O1O on it :( Its a Hello Kitty World Cup 2O1O top, I NEVER wore it in 2O1O :( now I'm wearing it I hope no one says anything! I love the top so much, maybe I can pick off the world cup 2O1O on it? Silly Lessha ¬_¬

Does everyone who reads my blog speak English? If not I can write some stuff in Spanish, French or German... I'm not the best with it but I can sort of write in them and google can always help me... Let me know :) I'd love to know that I'm talking to people in their native tongue :)
See I am a nice girl am I not? ;) 

I'm currently waiting on my Amy bum to contact me so I can go see her ¬_¬ lol Amy is a lazy goat taking long lol I want to go see her :( </3


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