Wednesday 2 February 2011

What A Great Day ¬____¬

To has been "eventful" to say the least, I woke up late this morning, mum had a go at me and refused to make me breakfast, I was in a rush so I got washed, dressed did my hair and ran out the door, I got to college late but my teacher was out the room so I got to sneak in.

We had an exam today so first lesson we had to revise, I was like the only person in the class to do so, when my teacher came in she told us we was going to get our tickets for a beauty event at the end of the month, she then had a massive go at everyone in the class for our attendance, no one in my class ever turns up, our class should be around 20 or something, and the max we get is like 12 and that is on a really good day! My attendance is 100% but that is mainly because I couldn't live without my EMA... 

After we got our tickets done and the teacher had her rant she sat down in front of me to do the register and we got talking and I ended up bursting into floods of tears, over the fight me and my mum had had, apparently my college can help me with money because I'm using all my EMA for the holiday and mum has stopped giving me money for college, so if I ever need help college will help, they will also said they are going to help me find a hostel, because I'm fed up for me and mum fighting daily, I can't take it, I'm getting so stressed out with all the fights and the moaning, I can't take it! I really need my own place now, I need to have a nice hostel where I can just sleep my days out and not have people (mum) moaning at me for me doing nothing! 

I passed my exam today, I'm really happy about it I got the highest in my class along with two other girls, I'm so pleased with myself, the test I did feel was really hard, I only got one question wrong :) and it was a silly one xD 37/38 Yay me! I must admit I love beauty so much, the A&P is awesome, I just hate English, ICT and Maths (N) In ICT Today I just texted and was on Facebook I was so God damn bored!!

On my way home at 6pm there was a stupid protest! The Bike one its on most Wednesdays ¬_¬ I was not happy, I was stuck on the bus for over an hour for a short 30-45 min bus trip. Lucky for me I was with a friend from college and we had a good old gossip and had an awesome chat, I was getting off the bus next stop and I stood up as I knew the bus gets packed the stop before mine, I was standing there an a man squeezed passed me, fine I was annoyed but whatever I was in the way, his wife/gf or whatever she was decided she will PUSH me and my bag out the way! So I said very loudly and rudely "You don't have to push me FFS (FOR FUCK SAKE)" and she said "move them" or "well move" something along them lines and I go "WHATEVERRRRR" she goes "you bitch" I went "fuck off you fucking whore" she just gave ma an evil look and walked on! I was not in the mood she is lucky I was still semi- happy if I was really vex I would have fucking knocked her sparko! No lie I wanted to beat the fucking shit out of this fucking lady the rude prick!! 

I then got off the bus and walked home. I watched Waterloo road and now I'm watching the American channel before watching Eastenders as I missed it. 

I'll leave you all in peace now ;]


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