Monday 26 September 2011

birthday/tattoo tomorrow :)

Tomorrow I am going to get a tattoo :) A cute little Hello kitty on my ankle, I have picked a hello kitty from my birthday wrapping paper. I am getting it done in a great shop in Lee which is near Lewisham (London) the shop is called Tattooooze. I got my tragus done there and I recommend the shop highly.
I will get it done after college but before my birthday meal and little drink up. Talking about drink up I went to buy vodka today, it was nearly £20! PFFT. I'll stick to the cheap booze thanks loool,. £20 could get me something so much better, like a pair of shoes. Tesco had the vodka for £18 but I still wouldn't pay that amount for booze. for ONE night...

Today I woke up around 8am - 9am ish. I got up, washed, dressed, washed my hair and still the red dye runs. ALL my towels are turning red. I have some super cute baby blue towels all lacoste and they are all going pink and red ¬__¬ I had a fight with my mum because I'm a moody cow in the morning, we had a fight over a tattoo and the fact I was moody. I got to college around 10:40 and sat around till 11:10. I had a little mini exam thing in English, I got 74% which is SHIT because anything under 90% is shit in my eyes, after English I paid for Thorpe Park and come home, when home I spoke with my mum about a tattoo and we both decided hello kitty was okay, I picked the one from my birthday wrapping paper because I like it most, after talking about the tattoo I ate some salad and stuck my shoes back on before leaving for my Grandad's, we took some booze and my birthday cake for tomorrow. We sat at Grandad's for a little while and walked to the Hospital, where I found out next month I will have to stay in overnight. Oh the joys! We then went back to Grandad's and hanged out for like an hour and a half, I come home and now I've been sitting here on Photoshop messing around. I watched Simpsons and stuff so I'm pretty happy right now.

Tomorrow I got college from 9am - 2:45 I normally finish early so I hope I do because I got my appointment at 2:30 I have a pretty boring day tomorrow in college, only three lessons. I am looking forward to tomorrow.  00:00 I will be opening my prezzies as always. ;) I am excited. I'm also going Turkey for my birthday (THANK YOU MUMMY) 

Anyways I better go now, my hand is cramping xD 

toodles sweetcheeks


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